Oracle And Google Making Closing Arguments Over Android Infringement Trial

Posted on May 1 2012 - 5:14am by Editorial Staff

In the ongoing Oracle and Google lawsuit, we moved a step closer in coming to the resolution soon with the attorneys for both sides presenting their closing arguments [1][2]. Oracle attorney Michael Jacobs referred the trial as being mostle about Google’s excuses. Jacobs also attacked Mountain View’s fair-use defense, stating that while Android may be given away for free, it is no doubt a commercial effort that generates revenue for the company.

Robert Van Nest took over for Google’s portion of the proceedings. He characterized Oracle’s structure, sequence, and organization (SSO) argument —the hierarchical layout and interconnections utilized in the 37 APIs can be copyrighted — as “something made up for the lawsuit.” Google’s counsel then returned to one of the company’s most relatable arguments – the copied code found in Android’s is made up of just nine lines out of the more than 15 million in Android.

A lot of mismatch happened in the court with discussing the issues ranging from SSO to 37 APIs. In coming days, a lot to come more as every day the case getting more wider in approach from both the parties.

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