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Posted on Feb 9 2015 - 8:43pm by Editorial Staff

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Could you survive a day without your trusted iPhone? Or are you more of a Microsoft or Google kind of person? Do you prefer to drive a Renault or a Toyota? When’s the last time you popped into Starbucks for that heavenly taste of Cappuccino? Or picked up the weekly groceries at Tesco?

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle encourages all of us to constantly engage with our favorite brands. Marketers atnew and old companies alike are challenged to keep our wavering attention and drive new products to meet our demands. The internet has given us a voice and we have high expectations, forcing businesses and brands to compete for our loyalty. That’s right, my friends, we are a powerful group of consumers.

It’s a Global World

Our increasingly global economy has led us to engage directly and regularly with huge corporations in a way that past generations simply were unable to do. A natural extension of this phenomenon is that for many people, being a mere customer is no longer enough. The more we understand about the day to day workings of global companies, the more popular it has become to trade stocks online. This presents us with a new (and if you do it right, profitable) way to engage with the world’s biggest brands.

There are a number of different ways to trade stocks online, but most of us aren’t experts. We don’t want to be reliant on traditional forms of investment and stock brokers, and we don’t have time for complicated calculations. So how are people doing it? A technique called binary options has been credited with making online trading accessible to the masses. Its binary nature means that you only have two options: will the stock go up or down? Any publicly listed company – and most of the huge international brands are – can be traded. If you think that the company is successful and the stock price will go up, you trade up. If you believe that the brand has disappointed customers like yourself, you trade down. Every successful trade earns you around 70% of whatever amount you choose to invest.

Tech Stocks

Are you reading this article from your desktop or mobile? On which site did you originally see it posted? Nowadays we are all connected. Forward-thinking technology companies have revolutionized how we communicate, shop, work, and go about our everyday lives. FromGoogle and Yahoo to Facebook and Twitter, the most beloved tech giants are unsurprisingly the most popularly traded. These companies have such a strong global presence that they are always dominating headlines. Remember when Facebook acquired WhatsApp for an insane $19bln? Investors expressed their concern publicly and the stock price went down. Hear that Apple broke records for the huge number of iPhone 6s sold in 2014? Yes, you guessed it, the firm’s stock price went up.There’s plenty of great blogs and websites that will update you on all the juicy tech gossip and innovations as you trade stocks online.

Financial Stocks

We’ve all heard about Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Citigroup. Maybe you are a client at one? These are huge corporations whose success depends on investor and client confidence, and given that they are the world’s biggest banks, there are always significant sums of money involved. Like all public companies, they release earning reports every quarter which indicate the overall financial health of the company. Financial stock traders shouldcheck whether the earnings per share and net income are better or worse than expected. A good report can send the stock price shooting up, while a bad report can have the opposite effect.

Food Stocks

Forget the idea that you are what you eat. You are now represented by what you post on Facebook that you’re eating, or by the restaurant that you check in at.Admittedly “food” might not be the proper technical term for stocks, but foodies out there will appreciate that this category is vitally important. From Coca Cola to McDonalds, some of the biggest and most popular consumer brands internationally are the beverages we drink and the sweet treatswe eat. So if you see that Starbucks is thriving and opening up even more new stores, you could trade on their stock price going up. Or if Tesco is making headlines for the wrong reasons because customers are switching to cheaper supermarkets, you could trade on their stock price going down.

The Only Rule

Globally recognized brands offer a fountain of opportunities for traders. The key to successful trading is understanding that the same one rule applies to allpublic companies: essentially, the stock price goes up or down based on the customer appreciation of the brand. So whether you are trading the stocks discussed above, Disney, Toyota, Vodafone, Twitter or another big brand that you are familiar with, you should realize your value as a 21st century consumer. If you are excited about a promising new product that the company is offering, such a new film or car, and other consumers all feel the same way, the stock price will reflect that. Can you earn enough by trading to purchase the car in question? Well, you’ll have to try it for yourself!

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