Mobile Applications: Purpose, Platform, Cost, Update And Security

Posted on Jun 8 2012 - 10:13am by Editorial Staff

You do have a nourishing website but still you feel that you need more, now what more, I am talking about a mobile application. Well, almost every second business in today’s world is working towards mobile strategy as mobile works as a counterpart of what they really want to keen with a strong eye on future. There are plenty even millions of users across the world that spend primarily more time online web rather than on PCs or laptops.

The problem while choosing mobile tech is to select which particular part i.e. there are apps, websites, SMS, but at the end mobile payments and advertising top the chart. For many of companies, the first choice would be to have an iOS app – more likely an iPhone app – as in the recent years iPhone picks so high that making a wave in it is stronger.  But there are other platforms either in the market: BlackBerry, Android, and lot more to explore.


Before choosing now which platform suits your needs, the more important is what your app really going to do – Is the app meant only to generate income directly or is it built for marketing, branding or customer service purpose – confused, well you do not have to, answer is simple here – think each and every aspect that what you are really looking for in your app, means is it only to generate money or it will comes out as a branding source or will it be a combination of both.


As I discussed above, the platform plays now an extra important role, don’t think you can come up with all of them in one single go – I am not saying, you completely can’t but if you could, it will bring more hurdle on your head as you have to maintain, market and work on all of them together. Best is to go with one first, then select others. But, now the point is which one to choose first – tough question, I do not think so, I will say go with market share, do some research specially on this point, like, say suppose, if iPhone OS market share is big as compared to Google’s Android, then better opt for iPhone OS app. Once you are into in the one industry segment, and sees that you are making enough better results, the same time you can build up two or three more (totally depends upon at that time, but it will be big).


This one is certainly big as you might have noticed that an app will cost you at least thousands of dollars to design, implement and deploy a brand-quality application. You are not intended here to reduce the cost here as if you lose the price, then you probably loosing the functionality or the quality or one or other things. But, what you can do here is that you can start with few basic and most important features in the version 1 of your app and update from time to time as you feel the sense that your app is now really making money and giving back you a good ROI.


Creating an app isn’t good enough to bring and bought huge presence unless and until you are pretty aware with the facts that what things actually makes a good app such as design, background, technical things, and a lot more. Pay special attention to what important information you want to convey to people. If you think in a long run, it is strongly suggested that don’t simply comes out with all the version at initial stage itself as doing in such way will result in negative impact on end users, what better is do roll them out incrementally and always look out the ways to better improve on your app.


You often dealt with online payments; even the world in which we are living today is all about security then whether it would be online or offline in nature. This could be said for your email accounts, social network logins, maintaining bank accounts, online transactions and a lot more. The same goes for mobile application. While developing an application, keep a stronger eye on what information is passed and how you could make it real secure, as at the end it is for the people and people need not to be feel unsafe or unsecure.

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