Mobile App Development – 4 Things Every Investor Should Know

Posted on Aug 14 2013 - 11:41am by Dion Bastian

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Planning to invest in mobile application development? Well, it’s absolutely a fantastic idea. Regardless of the size of your business, there are a myriad of advantages that a mobile app can bring to your business. Millions of apps are already developed and new apps are being introduced every day. But the million dollar question is, does all hit the benchmark?

Well, of course not. Developing a successful mobile app that actually results is not a child’s play; it requires a plethora of things to take into account to make it hit the benchmark. And a true businessman always makes sure that they make the most of their every investment.

So, here are top 4 things that every business should consider and embrace to develop a successful mobile app that works for them.

Simple is always better

By saying simple here, I don’t intend to say that one should create a very basic kind of design. Instead, it is recommended to keep the functionality and navigation of the app as simple as possible. No matter if you developing a consumer utility app or an enterprise app, you should make sure it is like a concise poem, not like a long novel.

To elaborate, some companies go overboard and try to offer all they can in just one app, which unnecessarily add to the complexity of the app. But an out-of-the-box, successful app do only 1 to 3 things well, really well. To accomplish them, you can jot down all features or functionality you want to incorporate in your app, and then choose 2 or 3 most important of them; you may include the rest in the next version of your app.

Focus on design. Focus more on User Experience

User Experience (UX), as the phrase suggests, is the perceived experience a user get while using your app. One of the most important components of a successful UX is ‘User Interface’ (UI). The more intuitive, simplified and seamless your app’s UI is, the more users will enjoy using your app.

While the app is undergoing development process, leave a room for further innovation during the beta testing of the app. Besides asking yourself what more can be added into the app to make it truly a groundbreaking app, you can also ask yourself what I can drag down to make the app more streamlined and engaging.

Marketing and Marketing!!!

It has happened many a times that businesses give their 100% efforts in the development of the app. But when it comes to marketing the app after the launch, they leave it as an afterthought. Rather, marketing of the app should be started right from the very first day of its development process. And once the full version of the app is ready to go, full-fledged marketing too shall begin.

You may also hire a marketing professional to plan the whole promotion and marketing campaign of your app. While there are already thousands of apps available in your niche and a few of them are doing great, you certainly need an out-of-the-box, sure-fire strategy to stand out in the crowd!

Keep Introducing New Things

As said earlier, you need to embrace only 2-3 main functionality in the first version of your app. Once the first version is launched, reprioritize your list of functionality again. Select 2-3 new features that you would like to introduce in the version 1.1 of your app. Simply put, release the features incrementally over time and keep your users engaged; this will certainly watch your active user base grow.

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