Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen’s Helped Develop Mouse Brain Atlas, Helps Understand Consciousness

Posted on Sep 20 2012 - 5:19am by Editorial Staff

Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen was interviewed recently by Forbes on the Allen Institute for Brain Science, a lab that was developed and even contributed greatly by Allen itself to the search and understands the truth behind consciousness. Back in 2003, Allen’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, after which Allen donated his $100 million to found the institute. The fund which were later used to develop a collection of 85 million images of the mouse brain, dubbed as Mouse Brain Atlas. The study helped identify genes that cause multiple sclerosis, memory loss, and eating disorders in people. Allen since even after that invested another $400 million in the Institute to map the human brain and work on similar projects. Sounds, interesting as study and institute work is something different that Allen actually does.

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