Michael Dell: ‘We’re Totally Lined Up With Windows 8’

Posted on May 23 2012 - 7:18am by Editorial Staff

Dell recently reported first quarter results with revenue of $14.4 billion, which was 4% decrease from the previous year but what an interesting note comes from the company’s earnings call is that Michael Dell, company’s CEO said “the addition of capacitive touch capability into Windows 8, we think, will be a welcome addition…and will have a full complement of products at time of launch,” in response to an analyst’s question.

“We’re totally lined up with Windows 8. You’ll see us introduce tablets,” he added. “This is a transition where you generally are going to need a new PC, whether it’s a tablet or an ultrabook with touch or a notebook with touch or a PC with touch or some derivative hybrid of all of the above type of products.”

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