Marissa Mayer In TechCrunch 2010 Interview: ‘Running Yahoo Would Be A Difficult Job’

Posted on Jul 19 2012 - 6:48am by Editorial Staff

Yahoo ahead of its quarter results – that was somehow similar to that of previous results – had appointed Google’s one of the important face, Marissa Mayer as its Chief Executive Officer. But, today an interesting piece of video which was shared by TechCrunch in which Mayer said that “Running a Yahoo would be a difficult job.” TechCrunch founder (and then-editor) Michael Arrington asked Marissa Mayer what she would do if she hypothetically ran Yahoo during a December 2010, and Mayer said that as an answer.

Here’s the glimpse of interview:

Arrington: Do you mind if we do some what-ifs, just for fun? Like, if you ran Yahoo, for example, what would you do?

Mayer laughs

Arrington: Just theoretically. Would you cut back? Lay everyone off, like they’re doing? Would you try to expand in a certain area? I’m just curious.

Mayer: I think if I were Yahoo—I think, one, it’s a difficult job. But I do think Carol’s done a lot of smart things. The partnership on search was smart in many ways. We would’ve liked the partnership to have been with us. But that was smart. I also think that looking at other really interesting brands that are getting a lot of traction on the internet—those are smart acquisitions for them to make to really help broaden out their base, broaden out their platform and ultimately stay relevant.

Well, that’s the part of December 2010 interview, almost 20 months from now, but we expect since a long time already passed, Mayer will definitely bring changes to the company at least as on the tone the company believing.

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