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Posted on Jul 8 2016 - 3:06pm by Editorial Staff

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Many workers are completely clueless when it comes to accidental injuries. They don’t know what their rights are, and they don’t know how they could be held liable for an accident in the office or workplace. This is amazing considering that every year, thousands of people are injured in the workplace. In fact, it might be more than that because research has revealed a lot of people get injured and take no action. They don’t even tell their boss because they are worried about being blacklisted. That’s why this is the first fact you need to know.

You Won’t Be Blacklisted If You Claim On An Injury

A lot of workers are worried about doing anything that upsets, angers or causes hassle for their employer. Understandably, they think it might have ramifications for their future career. There’s a good chance your boss isn’t going to be happy if you file an AI claim. Particularly, if it is an AI claim with limited to zero actual damages. That said, employers will rarely take any long term action against employees that claim. Unless of course, you have filed multiple AI claims. However, even then the employer taking action could leave them open to a whole different type of lawsuit.

You Do Need Evidence of The Injury

Another point to consider is that if you are injured at work, you do need evidence of the injury. This shows that you have suffered damages and is important in a legal proceeding. If you speak to attorneys that specialize in personal injury, they will recommend you contact a doctor. This can be your local GP or a doctor that specializes in accidental injury. That decision is completely up to you. You just need to show that the injury is affecting your life.

You Might Already Be Covered

You may not need to speak to a lawyer to get compensation for a work-related injury. A lot of business owners have already established workers compensation. This means that you will get a fair amount of pay for the time when you are unable to work. Or, for an injury that has affected your lifestyle. It all depends on the individual company and how much their insurance provider will payout to injured employees. Typically workers compensation will at least cover full wages for time off work due to an injury.

You Can Be Held Accountable


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There are two ways that you can be held personally accountable for an injury that occurred at work. Either, you can admit responsibility to an employer or someone in the office. Or, you can be found responsible by a judge if the case ends up in court. In both cases, you will not receive any compensation for your injury. In fact, if you put other workers in danger, you might be the one ordered to pay up. The good news is that most injury claims do not end up in court. Instead, the business owner settles the case with a fair amount.

By knowing these facts, you should understand what to do if you are injured on the job.

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