How To Win At Sales Recruitment

Posted on Dec 6 2019 - 10:59pm by Editorial Staff

In today’s globalized culture, the whole world is at your fingertips. It’s never been easier to learn about a new sales candidate and reach out to them wherever they happen to be. All it takes is a few clicks or maybe a quick message over social media.

But there’s another side to this coin. You also encounter thousands of messages per day vying for your attention. They bombard you from every direction and it can be difficult to parse through the noise to zero in on the information that matters. It takes a sales recruitment agency built on talent and expertise to guide clients through the digital age without missing a beat.

Your team should base its efforts on a proprietary search process that matches the right person for a given job. It should start with a broad pool of candidates and systematically dwindle them down into a chosen few. The more incisive your questions, the better your sense of who interviewees really are behind their polished presentations.

Here’s a framework to get you started. You can use it to build your process, customize the client experience, and help top sales talent find the next challenges in their illustrious careers.


The first step in locating incredible salespeople is consulting the appropriate networks. Your list of industry contacts is an invaluable resource because nobody can access it but you. It gives you first-mover advantage to act quickly before a candidate can shop their services around.

If the position requires you to cast a wider net, carefully curated social media accounts can be a recruiter’s panacea. You’ll be able to isolate promising professionals by the thousands and contact only those worth a further look. At minimum, consider a presence on these platforms with proven staying-power and promising future prospects:

  • Facebook (2.45 billion users).
  • Twitter (321 million users).
  • Instagram (1 billion users).
  • LinkedIn (260 million users).


Narrowing down your universe of candidates is all about solid research methods. Consider intangible qualities like passion and sociability alongside the raw numbers of satisfied quotas that would bump up your bottom line. The last thing you want is to waste time on average salespeople who won’t give their all for your company.

Become well-versed in psychology and look beyond first impressions. What seems like a deal-breaker might just be nerves or a bad day. Don’t be afraid to get personal in your quest for a superstar employee. What motivates them? How do they carry themselves in their industry and community? What are their deepest beliefs?


Once you’ve honed in on a handful of impressive candidates, you’ll have to differentiate them by putting their skills to the test. Develop a series of live-action exercises where they have to sell your products and services under varying conditions. Take notes on what you see and share your evaluations with the best performers in your department. By having them sweat it out, so to speak, their actions will speak louder than words and factor more heavily into your decision. Finding the right person to complement your team comes down to your company’s culture. If you understand it well and can explain it clearly, the more likely a candidate will either reject it outright, or light up at the thought of having found where they are meant to be.

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