How To Hurricane Proof Your Home (Infographic)

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 12:12am by Alexandra Ashton

In the last decade there were 155 Atlantic hurricanes, with Katrina being the deadliest and most destructive of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was responsible for 108 billion dollars’ worth of damages to American homes and businesses and was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States. 2012 was the year of hurricane Sandy which affected 24 states, including the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine and west across the Appalachian Mountains to Michigan and Wisconsin.

Its storm surge hit New York City flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city. The damage amounted to $65 billion and it was listed as the cause of 165 recorded deaths. Whilst nothing can stop these natural disasters from occurring, the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service provided accurate hurricane weather tracking forecasts with sufficient lead time for a lot of people to put the warnings to good use and either evacuate their homes or move to safe rooms within their houses.

It is possible to minimize the damage done by a hurricane by implementing a few changes around your home before a warning is issued. The garage door is the largest opening in your home making it the most vulnerable to high winds. Use horizontal bracing in the door panels, add stronger supports and heavier hinges, and if possible consider replacing a standard garage door with one that is storm resistant. Protect your windows with storm shutters and ensure you have strong locking mechanisms on your doors. 86 By having a plan in place to deal with a hurricane warning you will be reducing the possible damage a hurricane can inflict, which is why our infographic has been produced to be used as a handy checklist.


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