How To Cope With Divorce – Advice From 4 Women Who’ve Been There

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Whether it was a result of an argument, a case of cheating, or simply getting tired of each other, divorce can be really hard to deal with. Post-divorce, you will not only have a hard time explaining everything to your friends and family, but you’ll also find yourself in stress and a host of tough new challenges.

According to one League City family attorney, most women go through intense heart-ache leading to stress and depression after they have had a divorce, even if the proceedings of a divorce case was in their favor.

If you’ve been in the same situation, you may feel better if you talk to women who have been through this traumatizing experience. We sat down and talked to four such women who had different things to share. These will likely help you cope with divorce, making things much easier for you and your children.

Never Blame Yourself

In most divorces, women blame their ex for all the wrong things in the relationship, but there are actually quite a few women who self-blame. Maria admits that she felt like this and thought to herself that she could have been a better partner, ultimately believing that she was the cause of divorce.

But later known she realized that there is no such thing as being a perfect partner and for a marriage to work, both partners have to put in equal effort.

You Must Be Prepared For An Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

Like any other major life event in your life, divorce can be a major emotional rollercoaster ride. Shania says that she went through a series of confusing emotions, sometimes all of them came at once. She was shocked at how deep the sadness was after her divorce.

She faced emotions like regret, anger, depression, relief, and a lot more. But later on, she accepted these emotions and realized that they are only temporary.

Try To Tell Your Kids About The Divorce With Your Partner

Mary broke the news of her divorce to her children with the help of her partner. You need to make sure that the message is very clear to your children that both of you love them no matter what happens and that the divorce was not their fault.

Although this is a tough thing to do, you can certainly minimize the damage children will go through with this. Try never to speak badly about your partner in front of them. You certainly don’t want your kids to see you fight, so make sure you gradually let them know of the things going on between the two of you.

Get Legal Help

Divorce is tough to deal with but if you how to choose the right divorce lawyer, things can get really easy for you. Dina suggests that a divorce lawyer can help you settle all the tough arguments with your partner and make the divorce process much easier for you.

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