How To Build The Perfect Website?

Posted on Jul 25 2013 - 1:07am by Morgan Johnes

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Building the perfect website has never been easier or simpler; especially when you know the fine principles behind creating, editing, uploading and managing content on your future web pages.

Choose the Right web page building software

There are a few aspects of creating a website that you must take into consideration before you  begin building your content. There is the Code and the Visual Design, as well as SEO and a few other things that must be understood, at least at their most basic levels. We assume that you are not familiar with HTML programming or anything of this sort, so we will cut right down to the chase. To avoid spending a lot of time learning how to be a programmer (You should however consider reading up on the matter anyway) , you must find a good, user-friendly software that would do all the ‘coding’ and ‘tuning’ for you, as well as provide you with some idea of what creating a pr web site is all about. Here are some names to get you started:

  • WebEasy Professional 9
  • Intuit Website Creator
  • Web Studio 5
  • Yola Silver

For beginners we strongly recommend using either Web Studio 5 or Yola Silver, as they are designed to suit even users with no programming background.


WordPress is a PHP/ MySQL website/blog making tool, featuring a great selection of over 200 pre-made templates, with the added benefit of being cost efficient and easy to comprehend. You can customize your content, move stuff around as you please and edit content from practically anywhere in the world, via a simple username/password login system. WordPress is recommended for both novice web enthusiasts as well as hardened, page-forging professionals.

Choosing the right theme 

This one is entirely up to you! Assuming that you are not building a website for the purposes of commerce, you should choose a topic that you know and you would enjoy researching and writing about.

Brainstorming is an easy and creative technique to get the old creative juices flowing, and it is the perfect way to start developing good, structured content for your website. All you need is a pen and paper and some imagination. For more information on how to do this, please reference your favorite search engine browser.

Know that the visual aspect of your website must correlate, at least to some degree, with the main theme of what you are trying to say. Taking up some art classes could help you make the graphic component of your website not only unique, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Remember, if your website lacks good graphic design, chances are that people won’t bother reading your content at all!

Buy a good sounding domain

Advertising is all about deception. You could have the perfect product, but if lacks a selling name, it is as good as gone. The domain name you choose must be a sort of a keyword, which would represent everything that your website stands for. It should be something descriptive, something that people would remember.

Browse the Internet and find the web hosting provider that is right for you! You must take several things into consideration when doing this, for example; how much would it cost; how much diskspace/traffic would your website require; what OS are you using for developing/uploading your web pages etc.

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