How To Boost Your Customer`s Loyalty With Apps

Posted on Dec 18 2013 - 10:56am by Editorial Staff

Customer Loyalty

If you want to conquer your competition, you need to start thinking fast. Saving time is extremely important for your every current and loyal customer, so if you want to offer them efficiency – start using smart apps. They can enable you to reward your loyal customers and hard-working employees, reinforce the image of your brand, stay in touch with your customers and simply spread the word about your new offers.


If you register your business online, you may use your tablet or phone as your base, where you can download this app. It provides a special program that rewards a customer when he or she walks into your store. For this to work, your customers need to download the LoyalBlocks app which registers them as individual users. Each user will get a reward depending on how much time they`ve visited your store.


This application allows you to track all visits of your customers and it`s getting more popular by the minute. The Belly is connected with emails and social media accounts so that your customers and you can spread the word about the awards that you generously give out to your loyal clientele. Every customer has its own unique QR code that can serve to collect data about your customers and send them target emails, depending on their activity.


The Perka system is running thanks to virtual loyalty cards – when a customer installs this app, he or she allows you to collect their personal information so you can use their names when you send them a newsletter or an award. Also, it allows you to collect their purchasing data, so you can share their purchasing history and awards using social media. Every customer has a right to choose whether or not they want to share their information online.


If you install this app, it`ll enable our customers to collect points while they`re shopping. It`ll be easy for your customers to track their progress – the goal is to reach a certain spending threshold. You can ask your customers to be a part of this app and the reward system while they`re at your store by simply registering – inscribing their phone number into a tablet that you receive the minute you install the Spendigo. To collect points, customers need to scan their QR code located on their receipts.


If your customers want to earn their punches that can bring rewards to them, they need to take a picture of their receipts and tag you. The Punchcard system is managed by its administration and they alone reward your customers with things like movie tickets and gift cards. This smart system enables you to message your shoppers if they`re close to your shop and lure them in. Also, there is more than one way to promote your business and send out offers.


This app is a two-in-one system – it provides you with an award system for your loyal customers and it also offers ways to collect new customers with one-time offers. It also opens up a choice for your customers so they can download this app for free or get a LevelUp card. Also, there`s a unique system that allows you to reward your employees depending on how much customers they`ve registered in the LevelUp award system.


When you pay for this app, you receive a tablet that has a system made to count all check-ins, and their current and previous awards. When a customer makes a purchase, she or he needs to scan a card or their mobile phone app so they can make that purchase count. It also allows you to share and make a social media, phone or email marketing ad and promote your business, to collect new customers.

Velocity Flight app

The Velocity Flight app, now available in the App store, enables for a customer to have a non-stop overview of every domestic or international flight. When a customer logs onto the Velocity web-site, she or he can check out arrival and departure times of a flight and book it. Regarding all domestic flights, the system of this app is made to send a message to the customer`s phone that enables them to subscribe.

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