How To Accessorize With Pandora Rings

Posted on Sep 26 2013 - 12:12am by Tiffany Olson


There’s a lot to do to get ready in the mornings before you head out to start your day, but accessorizing should be part of your routine and not just come as an afterthought every once in awhile. Accessories add a certain personal touch to your style and can really make an outfit stand out. Adding jewelry pieces is one of the most popular ways to jazz up the items in a wardrobe, and it doesn’t have to be a big, shiny diamond adorning your finger to make a statement with eye-catching rings. The variety of Pandora rings that are offered in the popular Danish-made jewelry line provide several options for those who like to go a little more casual as well as those who prefer to sparkle. Use the tips below to find your perfect finger candy.

Get Your Finger Sized

The first step to choosing your new Pandora rings is to get your finger sized so you can make sure you are purchasing the correct fit. Ring sizing is slightly different with this jewelry brand as it corresponds with European sizes (50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60). An authorized Pandora retailer should be able to help you out in this area. Generally, your size will differ depending on the width of ring you select as well as the finger you wish to wear it on.

Go With the Basics

Pandora rings come in all shapes and sizes. For a simple yet classy and elegant look, go after simple bands in either sterling silver or 14k gold, or create a two-tone mix. These are easy to stack, which complements one of the hottest trends of the season. Some bands come with the precious metal it’s made of patterned into details that can include hearts, flowers or abstract designs. Great for work or casual events, this is an easy way to accessorize in a fashionable manner.

Stack With Stones and Color

Pandora rings are made to be mixed and matched, so if it’s a little more flair you seek, the brand also offers a wide range of designs that integrate precious metals with gemstones and enamel coloring. Infinity rings, colored cubic zirconias, birthstones, freshwater pearls and many more options give you the opportunity to get creative and pair together any combination of styles that will give you a look no one else has. It’s helpful to keep in mind that flat edges and single stones often fit snugger together.

Picking Out the Perfect Ring (Or Two)

No matter what you’re wearing you want it to flatter your body, and that goes for accessories too. Consider your hand size and shape of fingers when ring shopping. Larger, longer fingers are often complemented with wider widths, and shorter, chunkier fingers usually look best in flat, narrow-profiled styles. However, you should always feel free to experiment with other shapes that you like.

The many choices of Pandora rings that are designed will allow you to accessorize as fashionably forward or stay as classically sleek as you desire.

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