Herbal Remedies For Acne That We Can Try

Posted on Nov 26 2013 - 10:48am by William Joseph

Green Tea

Acne is a common skin complication associated with development of pustules, pimples whiteheads and blackheads on the skin’s surface.

The aforementioned condition becomes manifest due to sebum accumulation that subsequently clogs the skin pores. Sebum production is triggered by hormone level variations and stress- build up.

In herbal remedies however, individuals can realize an inexpensive, effective panacea to acne ailment. This article takes a comprehensive look at some of the herbal approaches to curbing acne.


This is the safest &the most effective acne herbal remedy. Its usage dates back many years ago, where it was utilized by our fore fathers in managing chronic skin ailments.

Its root is replete with anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties.

Its excellent capacity to eliminate acne causing toxins from the skin and enhance blood circulation qualifies it as the best herbal acne remedy.

Lavender oil

One can gently apply this oil after adding it to grape-seed oil. This will function to realize its reduced concentration levels.

Research studies delved into demonstrate that lavender oil abounds with anti-viral and antibacterial qualities alike. It rapidly enters the skin’s layers thus aiding in abating the pain & inflammation of the affected skin region.

It soothes, tones and revitalizes the skin thus enabling the skin grow fresh skin cells. It is a perfect preventive remedy for all sorts of acne.

Dandelion root

Dandelion root extract also ranks among the best acne remedies there are.

Its utility ranges from cleaning the liver, eliminating excess hormones & toxins from the body.

It is replete with Vitamin B, C , A and D. What is more, this root harbors small quantities of specific chemical-elements required by organisms for better-functioning.

Remedial benefits accrued form utilizing dandelion root relates to enhanced clear skin and acne elimination.

Green tea

Over four thousand years ago, green tea’s therapeutic worthiness was established by the Chinese. It features polyphenals, an antioxidant responsible for managing detrimental impacts of toxins and free radicals that heavily damage one’s skin.

Honeysuckle mixed with green tea realizes Pimple tea; a popular acne remedy.

Red Clover

Red clover’s powder is popularly known for potent blood cleansing.

If internally consumed, this powder aids in clearing one’s blood of toxins thus effectively curbing acne and pimples.

Conventional herbal medicine users are pro red clover for acne treatment.

Aloe Vera

This is a remarkable acne remedy since it highlights numerous anti-septic agents.

Aloe Vera leaf can be placed on the acne directly. It boasts moisturizing qualities that bear the capacity to penetrate different skin layers faster than water.

This property aids in soothing the irritation & speeding up the acne healing process.

Olive-leaf extract

From the ancient Greece & numerous cultures in Middle East, it has been proven that this leaf extract features magnificent healing properties.

It is popular for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti- viral qualities.

Furthermore, it is replete with adequate anti-oxidative properties. Oleuropein is one of the primary antioxidant that naturally exists within Olive leaf extract.

Upon being internally administered, this extract bears the potential to adjust hormonal imbalances, get rid of toxins from the liver & destroy the bacteria that can internally create acne.

Tea-tree oil

This is extracted from Melalecua tree leaves. It abounds with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory compound termed terpenoids.

This oil should be applied after it has been diluted since direct application can cause dryness of the skin. Its medicinal qualities function as herbal acne remedies.

Apple-cider vinegar

This too is an effective acne remedy. One can mix 40 percent apple-cider vinegar with sixty percent water, place some of it on a cotton-swab & directly apply it on his or her skin.

An organic, unfiltered cider vinegar is recommended.

Jojoba oil

This oil is popular for its ability to abate excess sebum and function as a natural moisturizer. It also has soothing properties.

One can obtain the raw herb & prepare a tea guided by elementary decoction standards.


This will realize the desired outcome vis-à-vis treating cystic acne. It has drying tendencies and its dried petals are utilized in curbing cystic acne.


It possesses lofty omega-3-fatty-acids and fiber levels. These fatty acids aid in minimizing inflammation that is associated with acne development.


This is also a recommended acne remedy due to its ability to quickly curb acne.

Aforementioned herbal remedies will aid one realize an acne free skin.

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