Head Of State Cars: Cost Vs Corruption (Infographic)

Posted on Mar 21 2014 - 10:03am by Alexandra Ashton

Corruption – the only thing that is spreading faster than any other virus or disease around the world. Like other illnesses in which some patients are in the first stage and some are in the last, corruption is also a disease that has affected some countries badly while some are still surviving and fighting against it.

It is strange that everyone talks about honesty, responsibility, implementation of laws and things like that but who are the ones that are going against this concept? Where things are getting twisted and who is responsible for the increasing corruption rate throughout the world. Have you ever thought about it? If not then this infographic about Head Of State Cars gives a clear picture of many countries regarding their corruption rate. You would be induced to think about this issue seriously after reading this infographic. No doubt that corruption is the most unwanted thing but it still exists in our society and the way this infographic has presented the facts & figures about it is absolutely mind blowing.

This infographic also described about the cars used by the state heads to travel in. You would find it interesting the way this infographic has shown different leaders from different regions and their cars along with the costs. It would increase your knowledge in terms of heads of different states of the world, their cars and costs of the cars.

After reading this infographic you would realize that how corruption has flowed in to all the regions of the world. It is just that the percentage is somewhere low and high but it is not zero anywhere across the globe. This infographic shows that there is not even a single country with the corruption rate of zero. Even the countries under the “Least corrupt” sections have some corruption rate. As per the facts and figures shown in this infographic, the country Denmark that is highlighted as the least corrupted country of the world has the corruption level of 11. If this goes on the same way then there is a chance that the corruption rate would increase everywhere.


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