Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Strikes Back, Shut Down CBS Website, Targeting Brazil Websites Now

Posted on Jan 23 2012 - 7:03am by Editorial Staff

With the takedown of Megaupload last week by the feds, Hacker Group Anonymous continues it strikes with shutting down CBS website for approximately 20 minutes on Sunday.

Last week, online content sharing website, Megaupload was shut down by feds, resulting in a reaction from the Anonymous shut down various government agencies and big companies website.

The CBS site was down for some 20 minutes, Anonymous tweets. Anonymous is also apparently targeting several Brazilian websites today as well, including the Brazil’s federal district and Tangara da Serra city website.

Gizmodo pointed out on the CBS takedown that it wasn’t a standard distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack because the CBS homepage only showed an index page with a single file- suggesting that whoever hacked the site deleted everything on it.

It was found that the website founder Kim Dotcom had own himself over luxuries cars which total comes with a $6 million price tag. There is even more, that conspirators allegedly earned more than $175 million in illegal profits that they made through in illegal profits through advertising revenue and selling premium memberships.

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