Google Redesign YouTube Channels, Currently In Limited Beta

Posted on Feb 5 2013 - 11:58am by Editorial Staff


YouTube announced that it has launched some of the YouTube channels for the starting with the new design currently in limited beta, but with some time, the company will roll out the new design to all the channels. In order to prepare users well in advance the company shared how to make this happening for you:

Create a channel trailer to get people to subscribe

On your new channel, you can show a trailer that will only appear to viewers who aren’t already subscribed to your channel. This is your chance to let visitors know what your channel is all about and tell them why they should subscribe!  Keep it short and to the point, and include a clear call to action inviting your audience to subscribe.

Create some channel art

Channel art is how you can express the personality of your channel wherever it is seen, whether on a mobile phone, a tablet, a TV, or in a hovercard anywhere on the site!  Here is a template and guidelines on how to start creating channel art that will look great.

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