Google+ New Facts And Figures: Analysis From RJMetrics

Posted on May 21 2012 - 7:23am by Editorial Staff

Google CEO Larry Page recently announced that Google Plus crossed over the 100 million user mark and continues to see strong user growth. But despite with such good numbers, the search giant’s social network still not shown amazed “engagement” results. And now a new analysis from RJMetrics says a lot of figures that revealed that what exactly Google+ is:

  • The average post has less than one +1, less than one reply, and less than one re-share.
  • 30% of users who make a public post never make a second one. Even after making five public posts, there is a 15% chance that a user will not post publicly again.
  • Among users who make publicly-viewable posts, there is an average of 12 days between each post
  • A cohort analysis reveals that, after a member makes a public post, the average number of public posts they make in each subsequent month declines steadily. This trend is not improving in newer cohorts

RJMetrics did this by selecting a population of 40,000 random Google Plus users. For each user, RJMetrics downloaded their entire public timelines (which consist of all publicly-visible activities for that user). Only one third of the users in our population had any public activity, so this sub-set of the population is the main focus of many of statistics. Once the data they have, it was a snap to upload it to RJMetrics and pull the insights seen here with just a few clicks.

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