Google Added 64th Supported Language ‘Esperanto’ To Google Translator

Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 4:36am by Editorial Staff

The search giant, Google has announced that it is adding the artificial language Esperanto, making it as the 64th supported language to its Google Translate product – the language which was first crafted by Ludovic Zamenhof and was published in 1887 Unia Libro book – the aim to design the language is as common language that all people could share and now around after 125 years, has hundreds of thousands of active speakers, millions of people with some knowledge of the language and even few hundred people who learned it from birth, taught by their parents.

Google attributes the ease with the language translation to the fact that the addition of the language is a largely symbolic measure, was constructed in a way that was easy for human beings to learns and result in easy for machines to translate it. Google says that team was actually “stunned” with the way that stated how the machine engine handled the language.

For Esperanto, the number of existing translations is comparatively small. German or Spanish, for example, have more than 100 times the data; other languages on which we focus our research efforts have similar amounts of data as Esperanto but don’t achieve comparable quality yet.

(Image Credit: DW)

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