Fujifilm To Discontinue The Sales Of Cinema Film By March 2013

Posted on Sep 14 2012 - 5:55am by Editorial Staff

It’s always important to move with time, and this is what Fujifilm has decided. The company in order to adapt the recent rapid transition of digitalization in the shooting, producing, projecting and archiving processes of motion pictures decided (via Engadget) to shift its business operations to provide products and services designed for digital workflow of motion picture production and projection. The company will discontinue the sales of negative films, positive films, and some other products of motion picture in a prospect of March 2013.

Products and services focused on

  • Lineup of lenses for digital motion picture cameras and projectors
  • Color management system
  • Systems for archiving of digital images

Products ending its sales

  • Color Positive Film
  • Color Negative Film
  • B&W Positive/Negative Film
  • Intermediate Film
  • Sound Recording Film
  • High Contrast Panchromatic Films
  • Chemicals (Japan only)
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