5 Eye Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses

Posted on Nov 3 2014 - 8:58am by Cherylann Mollan

Eye Makeup

Talk about eye makeup to bespectacled girls and they’ll shoo you away. After all, what’s the point, right? With thick frames obscuring the beauty of your eyes, there’s no point putting in all that effort in highlighting your peepers. Well, ladies, or rather, bespectacled ladies, you’ll be happy to know that this isn’t true and you don’t need to buy into this myth. Eye makeup is as much for you as it is for anyone else. Yes, you too can glam up your eyes with that funky kajal, and the best part is that your efforts will be visible! All you need to do is keep these smart eye makeup tips in mind while prepping your eyes.

Frame it like your Frames

Doesn’t it get really annoying when you apply that flawless line of eyeliner, and its conspicuousness gets negated because of those inch-thick frames? Well, the trick is to mimic your frames when applying eyeliner. So, if you have thick frames apply a thick, bold line of eyeliner or kajal, but if your frames are of the slimmer variety, opt for sleeker lines. Also, the cat eye style never fails to impress and adds an interesting twist to your eyes that is sure to be spotted in spite of your glasses. Another trick is to opt for colourful kajals as these can relied upon for second glances.

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The Magic of Mascara

Mascara is of supreme importance for spectacle wearers because it adds luscious volume to your eyelashes making your eyes look bigger and prettier. However, before applying mascara, remember to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. While applying mascara, opt for the tried-and-tested two coat formula. However, when applying the second coat, go heavy on the roots and lighten the pressure as you near the tips of your lashes. Also, when choosing mascara, remember that a waterproof one is your best bet as these mascaras won’t smudge off onto your lenses.

Go Bold… On your Lips

If you wear glasses, avoid overdoing your eyes, instead focus on doing up your lips. Bold lips beautifully complement bold frames. Choose a striking shade that complements your skin tone and use it to glam up your pretty pout. As for your eye makeup, keep it simple. A line of eyeliner or kajal will do just fine. If you wish to apply eye shadow, opt for neutral shades in a matte texture. Steer clear of glittery, gaudy eye shadows. A bit of shimmer won’t do much harm, but avoid going bling all the way.

Flawlessness behind those Frames

Do you place all your trust in your spectacles and rely on them to mask your dark circles and blemishes? Not a good game plan, because these imperfections can be spotted even from behind your frames. So, invest time in your concealer application routine and do a thorough job. Especially pay attention to the area under your eyes and even out your complexion as much as possible. You could also apply a bit of highlighter to prevent your eyes from looking sunken in. Flawless skin always looks great and will make your eyes look bright and beautiful too.

Beautify your Brows

Most people don’t include eyebrow grooming in eye makeup, but if you wear spectacles, you should. Shaping your eyebrows the right way will go a long way in framing your face. Stark, well-shaped eyebrows give your face a polished look and draw attention towards the eye region. So, go ahead and give those brows the right arch and length. If you have scanty eyebrows and wish to make them thicker, enhance them with an eyebrow pencil.

Well, ladies, with these pearls of wisdom to guide your grooming efforts, you’ll be able to flaunt eye-catching eyes, no matter what! So, go ahead and glam up those peepers and don’t let those spectacles stop you!

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