Facebook Users Are More On Android Devices As Compared To iOS

Posted on Oct 9 2012 - 4:37am by Editorial Staff

According to data from Optimal (via InsideFacebook), about 20.1 percent of social giant users are using the service via Android device while only 18.9 percent of users are connected through an iOS device. The data revealed that about 189.8 million users active on Android devices, while 178.3 million are active on iOS, making a total to 944.2 million monthly active users, until the big announcement done last week.

On geographic basis, South Korea having the highest Android shares with about 52.6 percent Android users as compared to 20.3 percent using iOS. Singapore and Australia have the highest iOS penetration of both accounts for 48.8 percent. Brazil and India both uses Android more than iOS while UK Facebook users account 28.2 percent on iOS and 16.2 percent on Android.

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