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Sometimes, work can run you down and completely overwhelm you. These days` positions inside any company are getting progressively more difficult to handle. New, hybrid positions are being created every day to encompass the potential a specific worker has, so he/she can really shine. This tends to complicate things since reliable people that are working in big, serious companies end up with a lot on their plate. Sometimes, things are hard to manage due to logistics. Sometimes, communication is the problem. Successful businessmen are viewed as people that never sleep and always work but this can`t be true. They would eventually break down, functioning in that tempo. No, it is all about good organization and using the right tools.

The digital age has made it a lot easier for businessmen and businesswomen to function. The technological advances in recent years have blossomed in such a way that now, a single person can manage the work you needed an entire team for a decade earlier. These days, your phone or tablet is the best assistant you can get. It never forgets anything, it can manage all kinds of duties, holds all the data you need and connects you to the people you need. Here are a few useful applications you can use to make your work more manageable and less hectic.

Google Calendar

There are a lot of calendar apps out there but Google Calendar really shines. It is free and easy to manage. It gives you the option to set up reoccurring obligations (which can really help you since there are things you need to take care of once a year and we tend to forget them the most) and it gives you the option to share bits of it (or the entire thing) with people of interest, like you assistant.


If your job includes a lot of phone calls and requires direct communication it is a far better option to rely on a free communications platform that gives you a bit more options than a standard phone call.Skype is a free communications platform that gives you the option to send instant messages, share documents, pictures and other files, organize audio and video conference calls and so on. This is a perfect solution if you need to make international calls all the time, since it is free.


If your job includes organizing teams of people and extensively complicated projects, you will need a project management tool. But you can`t just go for anything. You need a safe environment which will allow you to share essential data and documentation with people who need it. Everybody on your team needs to be able to access essential data changes and updates in real time. DropBox gives you all this and much, much more.

Even if you have an accountant, you still need to pay attention to how things are going money-wise. gives you access to all the transactions, lets you track payments that are due, let`s you see how much you need to pay your workers and so on. Basically you will always know how much financial power is at your disposal and this is crucial for any future investments.

Google Maps

If your work includes a lot of driving around, then you need to cut down the time when it comes to finding your way around. New environments can be confusing and you often don`t have the time to explore. You need to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. GoogleMaps will help you find your way no matter where you are. Detailed maps of every place in the world, GPS connection and the option to use Google Street View and actually see how the place you are looking for looks like. If you are not one of those people that are too proud to ask for help and if you are considering travel gadgets, check this list for additional helpful ideas.

These are just some of the applications you can install on your phone or tablet in order to simplify your duties. Depending on the niche you are working in or your responsibilities, you can search for applications that are better suited for your personal situation. Basically, using technology to improve your work performance is a must these days and you can end up in a lot of trouble if you overlook this fact.

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