Off Duty Styles (Infographic)

Posted on May 16 2014 - 7:29am by Alexandra Ashton

Are you crazy about tops? No matter you love wearing tops or not but this infographic would surely develop your liking for tops this season. These tops are really trendy nowadays and look simply awesome on skirts and tight pants. You can carry these crop tops very easily throughout the day and can grab everyone’s attention without any extra effort. You can try different colors and brands of these crop tops. The main item that is in nowadays is a cropped top from Alexander McQueen. Not only you but other people around you would really surprise with your off duty style and that’s for sure.

Other than cropped tops, another off duty style is sports luxe. Sports season is at its peak when you are off duty. You can try various brands for your sports vests, shorts and hoods but the best you would feel with luxe high quality fabrics. Luxe has titivated the same old style of sports with its trendy and new fabric quality. The key item in this regard is the t-shirt with Favelas – 74 printed on it by Givenchy. To try sports luxe in your next vacations you can go for a track suit with a decent strappy heels. You can also give a touch of new fabric as neoprene in your dressing to look absolutely trendy and updated sports person.

There are other off duty styles as well that you can try this season for an absolute vibrant and exciting new style for yourself. To explore about more styles you can read this infographic that has been specifically created just for you. It also explains in a very professional manner about the way you can apply these styles right according to your looks. You can select any one from these styles such as metallic, florals, cropped tops and sports luxe. You would surely enjoy your new look this season with any of these but while picking up your off duty style don’t forget to select the one that also goes with your image. Otherwise it would rather look odd instead of attractive.


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Alexandra Ashton, Communications at Neomam Studios , the UK based Infographic Agency. Alexandra is a content and design enthusiast with a keen eye for detail.