Does Your College Grade Spells Success?

Posted on Sep 12 2014 - 8:06am by Ian Elbanbuena

College Grad

Students often think that grades are just numbers and don’t really affect their lives in any way. They even think that acing important exams like SAT and ACT are not important.

They fail to realize that there will be instances in the corporate world that such grade would be one of the qualifications to get that dream job.

Employers, often choose A plus students compared to an average one, because of the connotation that an A plus student can do more than the other. Or sometimes, they check if you ace your SAT or ACT exam. The result of course can be a viable reason to use to admit you. This is how grades can directly affect your future career. This is how it works in the corporate world. Well, at times.

As early as now, students should be fully aware of their grade’s importance and must start working hard to make them better. Though there’s no specific and concrete study that can prove that good college grades can lead someone to success, it is still every student’s responsibility to get good grades, straight A’s if possible.

Success however does not rely entirely on someone’s grade. The very definition of the word success is elusive.  This basically means that there are a lot of variables you have to take into consideration. Factors that might affect the end result. Most often than not, circumstances are more complex, making it harder to measure how such grades really affect a person’s success.

Schools and teacher’s primary purpose is not just limited to educating students with different subjects but also teaching them on how to act maturely and independently. Career success is not just limited to acing your grades but developing an acceptable behavior.

They teach them to follow rules and improve their behaviors significantly until such time that they know how to follow directions. If they know how to follow rules and directions at school there is 100% chance that they will alsobedoingthat at work.

A photographer for instance can capture a perfect image, but can we measure the success because of his photography skills or because he’s got a good camera to produce such end product? Now, the question is, how do we measure success? Does the quotation “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian” something we can apply? Or is it the other way around?

Going back to grades, given the scenario above, makes us wonder, how does one measure the legitimacy of high grades as directly proportional to success?

The way student perceives information may differ on how student B understands it. Some students are into sports, theatre arts, or music than excelling in academics. Can we say that success then relies solely on being good in academics?

The answer is, there is no definite way on how one can measure the validity of the grade, but through the factors involved we can easily predict the possible outcome of the situation. It will be achieved in different ways and cannot stand on its own. A grade is a grade, but without the passion, enthusiasm, determination, and the power to make a difference, it won’t bring you anywhere.

The same principal applies to the success of your career, you extend your intellectual capacity, experience, passion, and your proficiency that matches the job description, which the company will value as they see you as an asset worth keeping in the long run. For most people, that is how they measure success.

Success starts from scratch – doing your duties excellently and going beyond what is expected of you to do. It doesn’t happen in a snap of a finger or a blink of an eye. No. You have to work for it, you have to earn it.

Measuring success is hard, there is no formula available to identify and solve it. Knowing if one is successful is easy though. As long as you are happy, fulfilled and you love doing what you are tasked to do, then yes, you are successful in your chosen field.

It’s not about how much money you earn, the position you have in a known company, or how huge your business is that can guarantee you of success. It is how you embrace and appreciate what you do and what you have that makes you successful in your chosen field.

Life will always be a matter of choice and knowing when and how to use the resources that you have, which makes an individual different and fruit fulas compared to others. Learn the art of knowing and understanding who you are and grasp the dream you have created in your heart. Work hard for it and claim it.

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