DIY Education – Knowledge Is Power, Use It

Posted on Jul 29 2015 - 1:44pm by Dan Radak


In this day and age, almost every information you need is easy to be find on the mighty World Wide Web. So the presumption that you should learn all life long, is finally achievable. With traditional books, new media and the ability to share information, the possibilities in front of us are endless. Self-education is, however, not a new thing, many famous people have been autodidacts and they achieved great deeds, such as Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Bill Gates and many others. What’s changed now is that autodidactic is made easier with the technology tools we have on our disposal now.

Why is self-education important?

Self-education is important because it provides you with the opportunity to constantly work on yourself. An individual dedicated to self-education can choose between learning a little bit about everything or focusing on mastering a single subject. It is basically taking the learning process into your own hands and using it to achieve personal and business success. Choosing your own area of education and time you want to dedicate to it is intellectually stimulating and a guarantee for a successful endeavor.

Who can benefit from it?

The answer to this question is the best thing about self-education: anyone. Everyone can and should constantly work on their intellectual abilities and improving their knowledge. Not only the students, the professors too, especially the professors, because their goal is to transfer their knowledge to developing young minds, should never stop learning. Luckily for the professors, the new era has brought many ways of developing and gaining more necessary knowledge, amongst them A Learning Place, where it is possible to find learning and teaching resources.

Courses as alternative education

Besides being useful for your general knowledge, courses are good because you usually get some kind of certificate which can help you obtaining a promotion or a job. So, there is no need to wait any longer, sign up for some course according to your needs and likings, such as foreign language course, cooking course, creative writing, sewing course, etc. The skills and knowledge you acquire in this process will prove as very beneficial in the future.

Reading is the basics to everything

Learning simply isn’t possible without reading. Regardless if you choose the traditional paper-in-your-fingers feel with a book, or opt for some modern way of reading, such as e-book, reading is always essential for your brain activity. So read everything you are interesting in; from sci-fi books and comic books to novels, poetry, magazines, etc. Reading is beneficial not only for expanding your knowledge, but your dictionary as well.

Online learning

You have to use all the privileges new technologies have brought us, so learning online seems like a logical step. Unlike the other means of learning, online education is usually available to everyone, affordable (sometimes even free) and doesn’t require too much of your time. On the almighty Internet, you can find a lot of educational sites, offering you free courses and plenty of information for you to expand your knowledge. You should also take advantage of the popular tutorials (how tos) and learn variety of useful skills.

Self-education is much more than simply reading, it can also include the quest for new skills, constructive hobbies, or engaging in different kind of debates. The pursuit for knowledge should be an important part in life of every person and it is a lifelong process, which will pay off, because knowledge is the highest form of power a person can have.

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