Decorating Your Child’s Room On A Budget

Posted on Jan 20 2020 - 12:42pm by Editorial Staff

Children are constantly changing their minds about things. As they grow, their interests will change, and they will want new room decorations to highlight these changes. Your daughter may beg you for a Barbie-themed bedroom one day and want a magical forest theme the next. Constant redecorating is very expensive and ends with countless boxes of old decorations stored in the basement.

It doesn’t need to be this way. You can make small, inexpensive changes that will satisfy your child’s varying taste, without doing a total overhaul. Try these tips to reduce your spending and make decorating fun again!

Avoid Themed Rooms

As much as your kids may insist that they want a Batman-themed bedroom and that they’ll love it forever, they won’t. Investing in themed furniture and accessories is pricey and also pointless. They will, inevitably, grow out of it, and it will be tough to repurpose a Batmobile bed. Different options like removable wall decals are relatively inexpensive and can reflect the design element your child loves, without being permanent.

Use Paint to Your Advantage

Paint is cheap, and also makes a dramatic difference in a bedroom. It can change the whole look just by adding an accent wall. If your child really loves pink, you can paint a wall pink. When they no longer want pink, you can paint over it without breaking the bank. Before going out and buying all-pink furniture, see if your child is happy with the change once it’s painted and go from there.

Get Creative

DIY decorations are a great way to save some cash when redecorating. On top of that, you can personalize them and get the kids involved as well. It’s a fun activity to share with your children, and you can make some unique arts and crafts for the room. Make wall art using cut out wood letters to spell something fun or paint some pictures on canvases to hang up on the walls.

Invest in Quality Neutral Furniture

Invest in sturdy, durable pieces of furniture. Go for neutral items that will match seamlessly regardless of the color you paint the walls. Purchasing quality pieces from the beginning will help you avoid spending more money later down the line. These items can last throughout childhood and even into your kid’s teen years if properly taken care of. Choose materials like wood that you can accent with colored decorations that suit the taste of your child as they grow.

Quality furniture doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and department stores will often have significant sales and deals throughout the year. Hunt for the bargains or use these JCpenney coupons to get huge savings on long-lasting furniture pieces.

Rearrange the Room

If your child is desperate for a newly decorated room, try rearranging it first. Often, moving things around can make the room look completely different. And the best part is, it’s completely free! Get your kids to take part and help make decisions about where things should go. They will be amazed at the difference, and if anything, it will at least prolong them from begging for new, expensive decorations.

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