Cool Accessories To Check Out For Your iPads

Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 1:47am by Brandon Peters


Apple’s iPads are obviously among the phenomenal hi-tech devices that invaded the market. iPads 2, 3, 4, and iPad Mini have quickly become enthusiasts’ must-have gadgets because of their prime purpose and awesome anatomy. They come in different storage sizes, various connectivity options, incredible features, and practical applications that could assist you in many different ways.

Apparently, millions of people have already acquired their units and I believe that like me, they have already enjoyed the amazing benefits of using these devices. But if you didn’t have one for yourself yet, consider it in your list of must-haves. Although for me Apple’s iPads are already top-notch gadgets on their own, I would have liked them enhanced with different accessories that could give accent to their premium features. You might like to consider collecting some of them, so I am sharing you few of what I already have for my iPad.

Wireless Keyboard

A keyboard for iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen and iPad 4th gen should be as first-rate as the gadgets. Well, you can actually choose from a wide variety of keyboards available in the market. Personally, I prefer mine to have comfortable and well-spaced keys, detachable so that I can work, play and go, and with practically adjustable stand for convenient viewing.

Keyboard Case

We all want our iPads safe and protected. But aside from that, I want my accessories to look and function suitably on my gadget. I have a classy, slim case with built-in connectivity option and a magnetic component that does miracle to my iPad. Try to check on the latest cases in the market today and see if you could find something that would meet your need or preference.

Wireless AV Adapter

Bring your movie, TV series or music collection to the big screen through an Adapter. What I love about Wireless AV Adapter is that it allows me to connect, wirelessly, my HDTV and other gadgets to the Internet. And through it, I can also share to others what I have in my iPad.

Transparent Screen Protector

Since I didn’t want my iPad to look scraggy, I needed to shield it with a transparent protector that is capable of repelling unwanted elements and minimizing glare and smudges. And besides, I don’t like seeing scratches, fingerprints and other marks on my iPad’s screen. There are also different protectors available for iPads that you may find highly advanced. Depending on your budget, just make sure that what you get would surely protect your iPad screen.

iPad Bag

Secure your gadget, especially when you are on the move. Get the coolest bag for your iPad and stop worrying about it falling when you are walking or moving around. What I have is an all-inclusive bag where I can keep my iPad, phone and small accessories together. There are also rubber reinforced bags with polyfill paddings and moisture resistant linings to protect your item from scratches and getting wet.

Overall, when you are buying a gadget or these accessories, you have to think of the money you spent for it and how you worked hard for it. It’s all about proper care and use, having the right accessories, and acquiring basic knowledge. Learning how to protect your devices is very essential if you would want them to last long and to constantly work efficiently.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Sean MacEntee

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