Clever Ways To Make More Time

Posted on Jun 6 2018 - 7:05am by Editorial Staff

We all struggle to find time for everything these days. What with families, jobs, and all the other activities we try and fit into our lives, very few people have much time to spare. The end result is that you feel tired, stressed out, and still wish you could have got more done! What you need is some magic way of making the days longer, so you could get everything completed without overdoing it. Well, unfortunately, everyone has the same twenty-four hours to play with, and there is no magic spell that can change that fact. However, there are a few tricks you could use that can help you save time each day.


It’s surprising how much time it can take to pick up groceries, prescriptions and all the essentials every week. If you haven’t tried it, ordering your groceries online for delivery to your home is a great way to save time and very often money, too. By ordering online, you avoid the temptation to spend on things you don’t truly need just because they’re on special offer, and you’re less likely to forget something and have to make an extra trip to the store. If you’re worried about the time it takes to do an order online; it’s almost certain that you will save time in the long run. It may take longer when you first start, but you’ll be able to create a store cupboard list of all the things you regularly buy that you can use each time you order, and that will work out much quicker for you. You can sit down of an evening to do the order, saving the rush and hassle of shopping in the store, so you’ll be reducing stress as well as saving time. You can also buy many other everyday items online, which will save you even more time. Medications are a good example of this, whereby instead of having to go to the drugstore to pick up your prescription, you order it from an online pharmacy such as and have it delivered to you.

Health and wellness

Yours and your family’s health is the most precious possession you have, so it should take priority in your schedule. Finding time for exercise can be a challenge, and it can feel selfish to take time to keep fit when you feel like you should be spending time with your kids. The solution is to combine the two activities. Find a sport or pastime that you can all enjoy as a family, for example, cycling or swimming. You will all benefit from being out getting exercise, plus you’ll be spending quality time together. This is a good example of how combining two activities that you struggle to fit in by themselves can come together and make a big difference to your health and your happiness.

These few tips alone will help you reclaim quite a significant portion of your day, and you should end up fitter, happier and healthier in the process!

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