Christmas Vacation Style Tips

Posted on Dec 13 2013 - 11:28am by Mackenzie Shand


As the Holidays are approaching, the weather is cooling down. However, some of us will be heading off to tropical destinations soon. Those who are taking a winter holiday, to get some much needed sun, are also in need of tropical attire. At this time of year it isn’t often that, one is looking for swimsuits, or shorts. However, with a little bit of hunting, they are still available.

When taking a winter holiday most people want a few new pieces to wear. Of course, one could get by wearing their summer attire on their holiday, Still it is more fun to find a few new pieces, and the summer clothes may have gotten pretty worn in the past summer season, meaning it’s time to refresh.

People wonder why the designer collections have summer, fall, winter and resort, why resort? The resort is the collection one looks to for pieces and inspiration for this winter holiday. Believe it, or not there are trends associated with the winter holidays each year. This year the themes of Nautical style emerged, along with safari styles, and surfers style wear. However, there is another important trend to factor, in your holiday attire, Christmas. If you are on your holiday through Christmas, you may want to keep that holiday cheer to your beachy look. Here we share with you how to incorporate the holiday style, into your holiday attire.

A key item on a winter beach holiday is a bathing suit. Finding a suit in red and white, or mix and match a green top with a red bottom! Your swimwear will be showing your Christmas spirit! For males, you could find trunks with a Christmas pattern. In the shops of your destination, they may have several options, as they celebrate Christmas at the beach every year.

The next key item for your holiday, is sunglasses. Sunglasses are important for protecting your eyes, from those strong rays, and also add some style to your beach look! These Dolce and Gabbana Red Sunglasses are a great choice for feeling festive!

Another important outfit for your holiday is something a little dressy. If you are on a cruise, they will have a dressier dinner hall. Also at a resort, or in the local city, it is nice to get in a nice dinner where everyone can dress up. You want to keep the look suitable for the warm weather, but also a winter colour scheme, after all it is technically their winter. A great option is this Herve Leger Silver dress.

The silver in the dress gives that nice sense, of winter style. Plus, the style of the dress is suitable for the warm temperatures. For men, you can skip the suit jacket on this trip. A jacket might be too warm for the temperatures. The perfect option is a nice button up shirt, with dress pants, and dress shoes. This shirt by Just Cavalli, is a great pick. The button up shirt is light enough to feel comfortable, and the dark blue keeps the appropriate colour scheme for this time of year. The great extra is sleeves, when they are rolled, they have a tropical look to the inside, perfect for this holiday.

A tropical vacation in the winter is often the perfect dose of sunshine, and relaxation to get one through the winter season. If you are celebrating Christmas and New Years, on the holiday don’t forget to pack your party attire. A vacation is the best way for you to enter the New Year, feeling fresh and rejuvenated. While you’re feeling this rejuvenation, might as well look good doing it! Hope you enjoyed our tips for your winter vacation style.

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