China Higher Court Begins Hearing Over Apple – Proview ‘iPad Trademark’ Legal Tussle

Posted on Feb 29 2012 - 7:38am by Editorial Staff

Apple and Proview legal battle over the iPad trademark issue moved to a higher court on Wednesday, reports Reuters. Lastly we reported that Taiwanese firm Proview staking on to claim its rights for the global ‘iPad’ trademark, after the company amended the US lawsuit it filed against Apple last week. The China’s Higher People’s Court of Guangzhou is hearing appeal by the Apple after a lower court ruled in Proview Technology favour, according to which, it says that the company owns the trademark in China.

Roger Xie, a lawyer representing Proview Technology (Shenzhen), ahead of the hearing said “We feel that Apple has not provided too much new evidence.” Xie told Reuters, “Using this evidence, I feel Apple cannot say that it has the right to the iPad trademark in China. Therefore, I feel Apple does not have a case to overrule the original verdict in this appeal,”

The legal tussle hit above the par when it was revealed that Apple purchased the trademark for GBP 35000 through the UK-based shell firm. Apple hired a British firm name Farncombe International to secure a trademark license for the name iPad – the trademark was then held with Proview.

Proview, a Taiwanese company that built iMac-shaped monitors it called as IPAD. In an urge further a shell company called IP Application Development Limited – IPAD Ltd. was created by Farncombe’s managing director, Graham Robinson – approaching Proview stating the company needed the acronym for its business.

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