Casino Gambling: Thrill Or Addiction?

Posted on Mar 24 2020 - 7:59am by Editorial Staff

Gambling is no longer just for a certain demographic of players and it’s not only for those who are into gambling so much that they take a trip to the casino or make a night of gambling with a whole night in the casino with their friends. Gambling isn’t only playing table games and only for those who are skilled, experienced gamblers who know how to employ certain gambling strategies to win when you play at

Gambling is much easier than ever, especially with slot games being in abundance that requires very little experience and doesn’t require any strategies to be able to win and a players success on the reels is largely dictated by chance. Not only is gambling easier than ever before for new players, thanks to the internet and the power of technology, but gambling is also more accessible than ever before as players can play their favourite slot game or join a game of Blackjack practically wherever they are, whenever the mood strikes them!  

A lot of the negative stigma that has historically surrounded gambling and gambler has also in many ways been broken, especially since games like bingo has had a resurgence in popularity. Bingo is also the perfect example of how the negative stigma has not only been broken down but has also demonstrated how gambling can be an extremely fun, rewarding and sociable hobby. But is gambling really so thrilling or is it the pangs if addiction players are feeling as the adrenaline rushes over them? The key is to know how to enjoy gambling responsibly and from speaking to the experts these are the best ways to ensure your gambling stays healthy and fun!  

Always Remember – Gambling is for Fun 

It’s important to be in the right mindset when gambling, and to only use gambling as a hobby and fun past time, just like any other paid hobby like paying for a season ticket or paying for a cinema trip. These are all forms of entertainment which can be fun, exciting and with gambling, if you win some extra money, you should see this as a bonus and not a given – so enjoy the experience!  

Set a Limit and Manage your Bankroll 

When you’re caught up in the moment and enjoying the gameplay, it’s very easy to lose track of what money you’re spending. So it’s important to make sure you enjoy gambling responsibly to set a budget and manage this bankroll properly. This will mean that you budget an amount that you can afford to spend and once that’s depleted, it’s time to stop. Going over this budget is something that could turn to enjoy a healthy past time into problem gambling.  

Play for Short Intervals of Time

Like all hobbies, gambling is best enjoyed in moderations and without sounding like total party-poopers, most players who enjoy responsible gambling play for shorter periods of time and make sure playing doesn’t interfere with their other personal commitments. You wouldn’t want to lose out on time with your family or friends or have a hobby get in the way of other aspects of your life, so to make sure this doesn’t happen, set yourself a time limit for how much time you would feel comfortable gambling. Just like a budget, this time limit will be different for everyone as everyone has different circumstances and commitments, just make it work for you and don’t let your gambling hobby turn into a gambling habit that you can’t switch off from. No matter if you’re winning or if you’re losing, moderation is key!

Never Chase Your Losses

Like all things in life, one minute you’re up and the next you’re down and learning to enjoy gambling is to learn to take the highs with the lows. When you’re on a low and keep betting more in an attempt to recuperate these losses, this is called chasing your losses and this is something you should avoid to ensure you enjoy gambling responsibly. Setting yourself limits which suite you will help you to not chase your losses, for example, setting yourself time limits and only gambling within your bankroll. This will mean that gambling will stay thrilling and won’t become a problem.

Beware Superstitions and the Gambler’s Fallacy

It’s very common for players to have their own superstitions, like preferring certain slot machines, tables, or even wearing lucky socks or having lucky numbers, but where this is completely number, don’t let this cloud your judgement when it comes to gambling. It’s important to remember that gambling is all about the luck of the drawn, especially if you’re playing slot game and therefore superstition doesn’t come into it. Also, beware of falling into the gambler’s fallacy. Just because you have lost a few times doesn’t mean you’re “due a win” and vice versa, just because you’re on a winning streak doesn’t mean you’ll win the next one too – the results are not determined!  

Read the T&Cs and Learn the Rules

To make sure you can enjoy the game, it’s important to read all of the terms and conditions so you know that you can meet the wagering requirements. This will mean you can enjoy the thrill of gambling without playing games that you can’t meet the requirements. Different players like different games, for example, players who like to use their skill and strategy to play games like Blackjack, whereas those who enjoy the thrill of lady luck might prefer video slot games. No matter which game you play, it’s important to know what the game entails and if the game is suitable for your bankroll so that there isn’t a risk of you spending more than you can afford to lose.   Ultimately, to avoid your gambling hobby turning into a gambling problem play during the good times and don’t play when you’re feeling low or in times of desperation and definitely not when you’re looking to make a quick profit, as it may not turn out to be the solution. Play with friends and play to enjoy yourself and any wins will be a bonus on top of an already fun experience!

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