What Do Your Business Premises Say About Your Business?

Posted on Aug 26 2016 - 7:33am by Editorial Staff

When you have a business, the company becomes an extension of yourself in many ways. You want the business to reflect positively on you, so you want it to put the best foot forward. If the business fails, it feels like you have failed. If the business thrives, you feel successful, and if people complain about the business, it can’t help but feel personal. This is true for home businesses and location businesses alike.

The difference between the two is simple, though. For a home business, you will make most of your sales remotely – from a laptop, your phone or whatever. A location business introduces another thing you need to stay on top of – the premises. Your products can be excellent, your service staff top notch, but if your premises are off-putting you’ll still suffer. People won’t find out about those products and that staff if they don’t want to go into the store.

Make Your Windows Welcoming


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How many times have you walked past a store with blacked-out windows or no windows at all, and thought “I wonder what they do in there”? The windows in a business serve two purposes – they’re for looking through, and for advertising. One complements the other. If people look inside and are intrigued, they’ll come in, and then they are almost socially conditioned to spend some money. Also, the windows let in natural light, which makes a customer feel more at ease.

Displays Do Make A Difference

There is a trend for low-cost businesses to have no-frills premises with little decoration. However, this does not work for all businesses. If someone just wants to grab a couple of cheap items in a rush, they don’t mind if it’s all stacked on pallets. If they’re going to spend a little more, then the place they are shopping needs to reflect quality. Showing that you’ve considered the aesthetics will go in your favor.

Your Premises Do Not End At The Door

The outside area of your business premises is as important as the inside. Are you likely to think positively of a business with wilting grass or mud in the lawn area outside? No, it implies decay and speaks badly of what’s inside. Look to commercial irrigation specialists for a little help. They can make sure that through drought or flood, your business premises burst with life.

Work To Your Target Customers

As important as the previous three steps are, bear in mind who you are selling to. If you are selling cheap and cheerful accessories, and your main customers are teenage girls, then modern, brighter colors are a good idea. If you are selling plants and garden supplies, more natural shades will fit your more green-fingered clientele. Cleanliness, openness and a healthy space are essential in all cases. The finishing touch will be a little more bespoke.

Your business reflects you, and your premises reflect your business. So, just as you wouldn’t turn up to work with hair unwashed and in a dirty suit, you don’t want your premises to look dirty or unfinished. Make an effort and it will be repaid.

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