Building A Successful Blogging Business In 6 Easy Steps

Posted on Jan 26 2016 - 7:54am by Editorial Staff

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The internet has completely restructured the world of business as we know it. We have a growing reliance on modern tech facilities. But more importantly, online activities have created a plethora of new opportunities. One of the most exciting prospects is the phenomenon of blogging.

The internet is home to huge blogging platforms that started life as a micro-businesses. With the right blueprint, the evolution of a successful blog can be very rapid indeed. It’s still a relatively new career path. This means there’s still plenty of scope for improvement and personalization. Quite frankly, the versatility is a very attractive element.

Nevertheless, there are a number of key foundations that the majority of successful bloggers follow. Get these aspects right, and there’s nothing to stop you from following in their footsteps to great results.


Once you’ve decided to start a blogging business, it can be tempting to jump straight in at the deep end. Don’t.

In truth, the process of fine-tuning your venture will involve a sense of trial and error. But that should not be used as an excuse to forget the importance of good preparation. There are many questions that you need to ask yourself, and the most important one is choosing a subject matter. Writing about something you feel passionate about will encourage you to push through those tough early stages.

The other big issue is understanding the audience. After all, your ability to resonate with them will become the key to retaining their readership.

Launching A Platform

A great blog relies on many important factors. However, as with any business, first impressions count for everything. Therefore, you need to get these opening steps perfected. Otherwise, it will bring negative impacts to the entire venture.

Choosing a suitable hosting provider is crucial. After all, a website that suffers regular downtime is going to frustrate visitors. Meanwhile, the first interaction that people are likely to see is the web address. The small investment needed for a premium domain is a must.

Once readers arrive at the website, they demand appealing designs. If the aesthetics are wrong, then they will go elsewhere. After all, it’s not as though there is a shortage of other blogs to read. The website should be clean and fresh More importantly; it needs to boast good navigation properties.

Nothing will deter users quite like a poorly constructed website. Reading the blog should be an enjoyable experience for them. Make sure that is.

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Find Your Writing Style

Appearances are crucial as readers won’t even give the website a chance without great designs. To keep them coming back for more, though, content is king.

Blogging is a different art to normal journalism. The internet is an interactive platform, and you need to express character and personality. Finding your writing style will give the blog a voice, and this can make a world of difference to the future of your venture. Find out more about this journey at

Of course, your writing will improve with time and experience. Meanwhile, you should take the opportunity to encourage reader participation. If nothing else, it will give you a far greater insight into what they crave. Ultimately, keeping them happy should be job number one.

Nevertheless, it’s imperative that you look for ways to embrace and utilise your passion. Let that love of the blog shine through, and it will make for far more readable content. In the long-run, that can only serve the venture well.

Making Money

Building a great blog takes a lot of effort, but turning it into a business is where the hard work truly begins. Many bloggers are happy to use their platform as a therapeutic leisure activity. However, if you’ve set out to make this your primary source of income, then it’s imperative that you are earning ASAP.

You need to treat blogging like a career, and education is key. You can learn about the money-making aspects of running a blog at Quite frankly, it’s one of the most important investments that you can make. Without this knowledge, you don’t have a business. You have a hobby instead.

There are various avenues that can be exploited. But to get the very best results, you also need to master the next step in this guide.

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Growing An Audience

All businesses need clients to generate a profit. The readers are your blogging customers. As such, finding ways to recruit new members is one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face.

Increasing your search engine ranking with better SEO will bring a sharp increase in traffic. This is because most people still use Google to find what they’re looking for. But there are plenty of other ways to increase your status. Social bookmarking is a fantastic technique. Meanwhile, you can see great results from adding share buttons to posts.

Social media is a truly powerful tool. Being active on Twitter on Instagram can see you reach an audience of millions within seconds. Moreover, it’s a great way to interact directly with them. In turn, this participation should encourage an improved response too.

Another simple yet effective idea is to run a competition. After all, nobody can resist the possibility of winning free stuff.


Gaining initial success is a very satisfying achievement. As with any other business, it’s crucial that you continue to grow. It’s perhaps even more crucial when dealing with a blog, due to the fast evolution of the phenomenon.

As you grow, you may find that it’s too much work for one person. Inviting guest bloggers can see your readership tallies rise greatly. It also ensures that the website has a regular stream of content. Another great option is to try new forms of media. Filming video blogs can target a new audience. Besides, you can also make money directly from those videos too.

Whatever you do, it’s imperative that you stick to a philosophy of keeping your audience happy. Do this with engaging content and a strong brand persona, and you should enjoy sustained success.

Happy blogging!

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