A Beginner’s Guide To Adrenaline Fueled Vacations

Posted on Jul 26 2017 - 9:08pm by Editorial Staff

So, you are a been there, done that type of person, and this year, you want to spend time doing something other than revisiting the same balmy locales while looking at the usual touristy traps, purchasing the same souvenirs and telling similar stories about the great place you visited on vacation.

This year, you want a vacation with a little bite. You want adventure, excitement – thrills even! Do not despair. For even the most traveled, this green Earth has a place where those craving an adrenaline rush can quench their thirst in an adventurer’s paradise.

One advantage of thrill-seeking vacations is the numerous opportunities to meet interesting people while conquering personal fears. Whether it is jumping out of a plane a few thousand feet in the air or climbing Mount Everest, the reward of accomplishing these tasks is matched with knowing that, of the millions of people who live on this planet, you are one of the few who have attempted, and in some cases, achieved this particular goal. More importantly, the experience is something to cherish. Face it, a person can satisfy their adrenaline rush in a million ways but an adventure-filled getaway is one way.

Before heading out on your adventure, however, travel enthusiasts should prepare by packing the right gear. Travel enthusiasts amping-up their vacation this year might purchase clothes that:

  • Are made of performance-type materials that are breathable, that stay cool and dry and that can be easily washed and dried. Men’s compression shirts, for example, stay cool and dry while aiding in back posture support.
  • Can be matched with other clothes easily, to avoid packing more than needed. Clothing that is neutral in color, such as khaki, brown and black, goes with any pairing, and depending on the type of adventure, these colors can act as camouflage.
  • Can be easily worn and are wrinkle-resistant. Face it, if you are out and about skiing and walking from tight-wires, you are not going to have the time to make sure your khakis are perfectly creased.
  • Allow for movement. Remember, an action-packed vacation requires physical exertion, so clothes that are tight or ill-fitting might get in the way of enjoying the activity.
  • Protect against the sun and any insects in the environment. One could argue that part of the adventure is the blistering sun burn and the aggravating insect bites, but you want to return to tell your friends stories about the fabulous adventure you had on vacation, rather than entertaining them with tales of misadventures in treating sun burns or insect bites.
  • Have pockets to hold items such as sunglasses, tickets or other items. Better yet, zippered pockets ensure any items placed in them are secure.

All these items can be the difference between a fun, adventure-filled trip and one in which apparel drama takes center stage. Finally, it goes without saying, by nature of these activities, that you should prepare yourself for the physical challenges of engaging with the environment. Several places offer classes that help a person get conditioned and strong, in addition to classes that help certify individuals in particular activities (e.g. scuba-diving and other water sports).

Okay, so you have the clothes and your suitcases are packed. Now, you need to find a desirable locale. If trying to move beyond the usual adventurous vacations into the realm of daredevil holidays, there are a myriad of experiences one can have. For those not afraid of heights, you could get your adrenaline rush from canyon jumping over France’s Bourne Gorges at Vercors Regional Natural Park.  In Sweden, adventurers can participate in rock-climbing over the Kullen Sea. Water enthusiasts can participate in any number of the white-water rafting adventures available in Arizona. For those who love skiing but want to take the sport up a notch, there is heli-skiing in Alaska. Adventures such as climbing Mount Everest or the running of the bulls in Spain are also just as popular.

You are there. You are diving at one of the most coveted reefs on Earth, such as Cozumel or Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. You are standing on top of Everest looking down on quiet nature and marveling at both its complexity and simplicity. You are running for your life, away from a charging bull in Spain, before having beer in a pub and laughing about the experience. Wherever you decide to go, there is a place on this beautiful planet for every thrill-seeker to visit.

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