Android Parental Monitoring- Restrict Your Teens From Using Inapt Apps!

Posted on Aug 13 2015 - 5:26pm by Editorial Staff

These days, most parents are aware of the eminence of messaging apps and how much they have spellbound teens and preteens. While most messaging apps are harmless, but some of them allow teens to post explicit photos and messages anonymously. And anonymity only invites trouble!

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While kids may use these apps to stay in contact with their friends, there are some dangers coupled with them which elevate concern in every parent. A smart way to know what apps your teens have on their phones/tabs is to use an android parental monitoring app. But before that, let’s have a look at why you need to monitor their phone:

Dangers of Using Messaging Apps

Teens don’t only use messaging apps to connect, but they also use them to sext and cyber bully, just because it’s fun and exciting. Some self distrusting apps like Snapchat allows its users to send pictures for only a few seconds after which the image is claimed to disappear. But the major hack last year proved that to be false. The well known Pirate Bay posted almost 98,000 totaling 13GB of photos and videos sent trough this app! These files were saved through a third party app, Snapsaved, this means your teens pictures aren’t safe either!

According to an article, Kik messaging app was linked to three serious teen crimes, in one week! There are many other adult apps like Tinder, MeetMe, Omegle, Whisper, Hot or Not etc. popular with teens; but these apps have poor privacy settings with age limit as low as 12 years. Such apps are alarmingly home to a large number of online predators,who target young victims by engaging them in sexting, cyber bullying and cybersex.

Parental controls can help!

There has been a shift in parenting; a digital shift. Many parents are becoming tech-savvy by using parental monitoring apps like FamilyTime to monitor their kids online and offline activities.


Give it a try and download this app for free from your Google Play Store or with just a click on the button below:

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This app offers many interesting features like location tracking, Geo-fencing location, contact Watchlisting, call-log monitoring and much more. In this case this app allows you to:

  • View all the list of apps installed in your teens phone/tablet.
  • Blacklist any app you find inappropriate, to restrict them from using it.
  • Check app usage frequency to see how much time they spend on each app.

All this and much more from a single Dashboard!

Cyber safety is as important as real time safety!

Nowadays, you don’t only worry about keeping your teen safe in real time, but also on the web. Cyber bullying is more dangerous than face-to-face bullying. Along with using android parental monitoring apps, it is important that you keep the communication lines open and strong. Feed them just the right amount of privacy and step in when you feel the need. Parenting is all about unconditional love and never ending patience!

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