Airbus Starts Up Assembly Line For New A350

Posted on Apr 6 2012 - 8:15am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pratibha is a technology enthusiast interested in analysing and reporting about different technologies.

Yesterday Airbus officially released the assembly line of its next-generation A350 while it commences final creation of the first test aircraft in Toulouse, France. The center fuselage section, which arrived at the company’s construction capability in the belly of an A300-600T (aka the Beluga), can now be connected with the forward fuselage section already in place. After that approach will be the wings and aft fuselage, which are at present being manufacture in plants in Germany and the United Kingdom the first aircraft, MSN5000, will be utilized merely in excess for static testing on the ground.

According to FlightBlogger’s Jon Ostrower the first test aircraft to really fly will start on final assembly in July. Manufactured of amalgamated materials, the A350 is Airbus’ answer to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which embark on commercial service late previous year with ANA. While with its rival, the A350 is planned to be extra fuel competent and bring for larger commuter relieve for long-range flights. But like the 787, the A350 has undergo from a sequence of construction and plan holdup because of its radical new design and construction techniques. However Airbus initially assured airline deliveries for 2010

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