A Tale of the Bellas: What Happened to Pitch Perfect?

Posted on Apr 22 2021 - 7:11am by Editorial Staff

While we are still waiting to find out if there is ever going to be a Pitch Perfect 4, we really hope that there is going to be a newest online casino slot game in its honour as well. And, hopefully, it comes with the cool songs and powerful voices as well. In case you are still wondering what we are talking about, then here is a brief rundown on the sequel to one of the best musicals that rocked the screens in the 21st Century.

Pitch Perfect One

There has never been any acapella musical to be as powerful as this one. The first of the Pitch perfect sequels rocked the screens in 2012 and left the world in awe. The main characters of the movie where Beca, Fat Amy, Chloe, and Stacie Conrad. Together they join hands to becoming one of the most powerful all girl acapella groups in America. You will surely love the energy and the powerful vocals from Anna Kendrick and Ester Dean.

Pitch Perfect Two

Of course with a movie that was as fun as the first one, people had to ask for more just like online slots. While the Bellas were still trying to find their voice and footing in the singing world, they end up facing one of the biggest competitions on a world level. And, they also need to be fighting or re-gain a reputation that was ruined after a bad performance. Hopefully, with their new talent, they will be able to find their footing and become great again.

Pitch Perfect Three

This is the last we got to see of the Bellas and we are still waiting for more! Now, they have graduated and are each trying to fit into the world. But they decide to give singing one last shot and this time on a worldwide army tour. The movie even stars the popular DJ Khaled and has some great performances as well.

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