A Guide To Choosing The Best Sunglasses For Your Eye Health

Posted on Aug 21 2020 - 10:10am by Editorial Staff

We all love to wear sunglasses, especially in the summer, as the strong direct sunlight can damage your eyes, yet you cannot automatically assume that all sunglasses are the same. Looks can be confusing; a dark tint does not offer any protection against UV rays, for example, and when buying sunglasses, you should always look for the UV rating.

Great Styles

Designer sunglasses come in a wide range of styles, including Aviator and Wayfarers, both of which are very popular. When you buy from a leading online supplier, you receive an unconditional warranty, meaning you can return the product at any time if there is a defect and they will send you a free replacement. Each pair has its own protective case and with the best quality lenses, your eyes are always protected against harmful UV rays.

Polarized Lenses

If the lenses are polarized, this means they have a special coating, which cuts out all reflective glare, and it is worth noting that tint is not polarized, rather it is completely different. When looking to purchase sunglasses always look for polarized lenses, as they offer the best eye protection and the clearest vision, cutting out glare. You can find quality pieces by just visiting a popular polarized sunglasses site.

UV Protection

You will find that all sunglasses have UV400 protection and that is the best protection available, as it provides 99% blocking of all UV rays. To be sure that you are receiving complete UV protection, you should insist on UV400, which is the highest UV protection available. Of course, your eyesight is very important and you simply cannot afford to take any chances, so always check for UV400 rating.

Online Solutions

The best way to source a top designer sunglasses supplier is a Google search and if you make sure the sunglasses are a) UV rated and b) polarized, then you can be sure that you are receiving the very best eye protection. Some people mistakenly think that designer sunglasses cost hundreds of dollars, when in fact, there are top quality products for much less, and they offer total eye protection. There are also articles available online that explain why UV protection is important, which you should read.

When looking at sunglasses, always check for two things: that they are polarized and they have polarized lenses and that they are not cheap imitations. If you want to check on a sunglasses supplier, Google will help you find relevant information on the seller, plus you can read customer reviews. Check out their returns policy and take the time to read all the technical data on the lens makeup, which is very important for eye protection. A reputable designer sunglasses online retailer would have a lot of customer protection, as they are very confident of the quality of their products, and this would be evident when on their website. If you are thinking that designer sunglasses are out of your price range, think again, as they are, in fact, very reasonably priced.

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