A Day In The Life Of Twitter (Infographic)

Posted on Sep 3 2012 - 6:32am by Editorial Staff

A whole new day and as social media lover, the first thing came in mind is to check Twitter, Sounds a daily routine thing? Right, well yes this is what and how the microblogging become the part of our lives and content consumption habits. A whole new set of stats comes from fine folks at Diffbot with the medium of an infographic.

On Tweeter, photos share more than anything else, as pics make up more than third of all links, while articles make up 16% of shares and while videos make not more than 10%. According to Diffbot’s new Page Classifier API, can identify the type of content behind any web link, with other interesting data includes seven percent of tweeted links lead to an error page, while 8% link to a product.

There are lot more to explore and for that check out the infographic below:

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