6 Effective Ways To Make Long-Distance Marriage Work

Posted on Jul 25 2019 - 10:21am by Editorial Staff

Being in a long distance relationship is already an emotional distress but imaging the toll it takes on mind when a married couple had to stay away from each other due to work or any personal reasons. To be married is to be with each other throughout the walk of life but due to some inexcusable acumen, you two have been away from each other and life has nothing but a little difficult ever since. Phone calls, video calls, Facebook and what’s App, nothing can compare to being with your partner in presence. Long distance always bears the risk of misunderstanding and unrealistic expectation but here are a few tips that can keep the love and support alive between you two, even when distance is keeping you apart.

Frame the Pictures

“Out of sight, out of might” have some logic in long distance marriage. Choose a few pictures of you and your spouse and keep them in your field of view. Every time you will lay your eyes on them, you will be reminded of the sheer love and companionship that you two share. They will act as a visual reminder that no matter the distance, you will always love your partner the same.

Don’t Forget Special Occasion

This might be the biggest mistake you could make in a long distance marriage. Remember the important dates and try to make special gestures to make your spouse smile wide. Send anniversary flowers from FlowerAura at midnight and tell them how much you cherish this married union. Picking a care package for their birthday will mean so much to them. Remember, little gesture showcase most love.

Take Advantage of Technology

Your phone is the key to the communication which keeps a relationship alive. Text, call, video call, send photos and even schedule date nights. Skype and Facetime will help you to be on a date with your spouse even when you two are not with each other on a venue. Stay connected, stay in love.

Keep Things Private

While being in a long distance marriage, you two are leading two different lives. It is possible to meet new people and make best friends who might become your confidants. There is no harm in having a new friend but the conversation and relationship of you two should be none other’s business. Never share the life between you two with anyone else. Keep things private and whether it is love or complaint, you two only should resolve it on your own.

Avoid Over Expectations

Remember, your partner is away from you and he or she might not able to fulfil your expectations all the time the way you wish. Some calls might be missed; some texts might go without reply. Instead of creating misunderstanding in your mind through baseless assumptions, try to understand that the other person could be busy somewhere. If you think that this may create some issues, talk to your partner calmly and make them understand that these little things are important for you.

Decide When It Ends

Yes, this is the most important conversation. You two cannot be separated with each other; not knowing when will be together again. Set and end date to this distance and make efforts accordingly. Waiting for a specific time period to end is way easier than not knowing when you two will meet again.

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