5 Tips To Maintain Your Upholstery

Posted on Dec 11 2017 - 5:33pm by Editorial Staff

Are you facing challenges with regards to maintaining your upholstered products? Do your cushions, sofas and or armchairs often get dirty in spite of you cleaning it every once a while? Well, most people’s upholstery does. Upholstered items often do attract small dust particles which if not cleaned for a long period of time will cause the product to deteriorate. Regular cleaning of upholstered items should be on top of your priority list. For those who don’t know how to effectively maintain and clean these items in their house, here is a 5 point guide to help you with same.

Be Careful Using It

In order to keep the upholstery intact—be careful with items such as food and beverage around it. Be prompt enough to clean this item should there be any spillage etc. Although the upholstered products are treated with mild inhibitors so the soaking of any external spillage is delayed, however the best way to ensure that your upholstered item isn’t spoiled is to quickly clean it. If you wish to learn about some tips with regards to cleaning such spillage, read this guide.

Vacuum Clean Them

One of the best ways to keep your upholstery in top notch condition is to regularly vacuum clean it. The upholstery cleaning removes small dust particles from it. These dust particles are what make the surface of your furniture and upholstered items rough and thereby deteriorating it in long run. Vacuum clean the item every once a while thereby increasing the lifespan of same.

Protect It from Sunlight and Pollutants

Exposing your upholstery to too much sunlight will cause it too gradually degrade and hence fade away in the long run. We don’t mean to say that there shouldn’t be any sunlight falling on an upholstered surface, what we mean is that this surface shouldn’t be exposed to such conditions for too long. You can have such items placed in areas where morning light sparkles, however during the time of afternoon little or no light is present.

Also, take special care in order to keep these items away from pollutants and smoke which may also deteriorate the quality of such products. Or if no such area is available to make sure you have proper ventilation for these components to escape.

Be Careful While Choosing Upholstery Fabric

Another way to solve the issue of too much upholstery maintenance is to choose the right fabric at the time of purchase. Analyze what kind of usage furniture that you have purchased has. For example, synthetic fibers are one of the best things to adopt if the furniture you are purchasing will be subjected to heavy use. You can get a texture or soft fabric for your drawing room which would only be utilized should any guest or relative arrive.

Take Help from Professionals.

If you aren’t able to maintain or clean the upholstered items you own, try taking the service of professionals who perform upholstery cleaning. Every month get the upholstery cleaned irrespective of the fact whether you see dust particles accumulating or not. Professionals say that the particles are too small and waiting for the dirt to be visible will cause the product to gradually degrade in long run.

So these are top 5 tips which we believe everyone should follow for keeping their upholstery intact and beautiful. If you also know some personal hacks which work, we would love to hear about them in the comment section below.

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