4 Adult Birthday Party Ideas That Bring The Fun

Posted on Feb 17 2020 - 1:34pm by Editorial Staff

As people get older, their birthday celebrations tend to get more and more mundane. A wild night on the town is replaced with a run-of-the-mill dining experience at a local restaurant. Venturing to a new city or country is swapped for a day of watching TV at home. The examples go on and on.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are various different options available — some unconventional — which help bring the fun back to birthday festivities. From themed activities to re-living childhood frolics, here are four party ideas to consider:

DIY Food Fun

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be a fun activity to base a party around. For instance, you could arrange to do a DIY pizza party. Everyone gets their dough, tomato sauce and cheese. Then it’s a case of allowing everyone to get creative with their toppings. Once it’s cooked, the pizza creations can be shared and enjoyed by all.

Oh, and by going the DIY route, this saves money. There’s no need to order food in or go to a restaurant.

Bounce Around

Do you miss that time as a child when you would bounce around a giant inflatable house for hours on end? While this activity is usually only associated with younger users, a party is the perfect opportunity to re-live the fun of childhood.

With bounce house rentals, you also don’t have to travel elsewhere to jump around with your friends. The bounce house can also be based around a theme, which is ideal if you have an idea in mind — more on that below.

Transport Back to the 90’s

If you grew up during the 90’s, there are likely aspects from this decade which you miss today. While they might not return, a 90’s-themed party will at least allow you to sample them during your birthday. Bust out an original PlayStation, wear your favorite Nirvana-inspired grunge outfit, and feast on a range of nostalgic snacks.

Of course, the 90’s is only one example of a themed party as the options are endless. Tropical, classical, unicorns — don’t hold back your creativity.

Music Makers

Karaoke is a great way of unwinding and getting all party guests involved. Even if there isn’t a suitable venue nearby, a karaoke machine can always be brought to your home for everyone to savor drunken off-key performances of one-hit wonders.

If singing is not to your fancy, a music-related celebration could still be viable. For instance, if an artist or band is playing close to your birthday, the party could be based around seeing them perform. Even if a favorite musician isn’t in town at the right time, the choice of visiting local bars to enjoy tribute acts and theme nights is always available. If you want a truly memorable birthday party, why not combine all four ideas? The theme sets the tone, the food is covered, the bounce house provides a slice of exhilaration, and karaoke is the ideal way to bring a close to party proceedings.

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