3 Skills That Every New Entrepreneur Should Have

Posted on Aug 17 2018 - 1:05pm by Editorial Staff

As a new entrepreneur, it’s likely that you’ll be wearing more hats than you could have imagined. This could mean having to be admin staff in the morning, a graphic designer in the afternoon and accountant at night. For this reason, before starting a business, you should be well-equipped for the challenges that will inevitably come. One way you can do this is by improving your skills so that you’re able to handle the many tasks that you may be responsible for, especially in the early days. If you happen to be a new entrepreneur taking self-development seriously, then you should continue reading. Below you will find three skills that every entrepreneur should have when starting a business.


As a new entrepreneur, it’s likely that you’re going to be communicating far more than you’d imagine. Whether it be at public speaking engagements, morning meetings, or with prospective clients, communicating is likely to be the order of the day. This is because you have to liaise with people to ensure everything is working as it should be as well as to network and meet new people. Some ways that you can improve your communication skills include learning to get your point across in a respectful way, actively listening to what people are saying, learning to speak in a public group, disagreeing without being disagreeable, and improving your written communication.


In addition to communication, marketing is also another skill that every new entrepreneur should learn. It is a key skill as it ensures that you are able to create the visibility that your business needs. You should try and learn the fundamentals of traditional marketing as well as the basics of digital marketing too. Mobile marketing is well underway and there is nothing that can stop it. The goal is to ensure that you can create awareness about your brand and sell your products and services without needing to spend tons of money to do so. If, for instance, you are able to learn how to use Mailchimp email marketing, then you would be able to share information with first time and repeat customers, which could translate into business growth. Likewise, being able to navigate your way through social media could also go a long way in helping your business develop.


Being able to negotiate is a skill that every entrepreneur should have. Being able to do so could help you get better discounts, cheaper deals from vendors, and also help you negotiate lucrative partnerships. You should, therefore, practice negotiating and work on improving those skills. Some tips for negotiating effectively include doing your homework, seeing the situation from all angles, remaining calm and avoiding being overly emotional, listening, and always looking for a creative solution. Also, never feel pressurized to make a decision on the spot, as there is always tomorrow.

Unless you have robust startup capital, saving money should be one of your priorities when starting a business. This means that, although you may be able to hire a professional in some of the areas mentioned above, you’re willing to try your hand at doing them on your own if need be. By doing so, you should be more knowledgeable as well as better prepared to face the many highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

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