11 Important FAQs Of Online Rummy Answered

Posted on Nov 13 2017 - 9:31pm by Editorial Staff

Online rummy is no new to us. Since its advent a couple of years ago, it has slowly and steadily made inroads into the minds of the people. Today, it is popular game in the online circuit. With the younger and older generation both preferring to do most of their work the online way, it is no surprise that it has received such greater acceptance in the country.

However, there are still some doubts and concerns doing the rounds among people and forbidding them from playing. Doubts are related to legal status, payment security, game options etc. Below we have compiled 11 important FAQs related to online rummy and provided them with answers.

Is playing rummy online legal to play in India?

Yes, as per the Supreme Court verdict, online rummy is a skill game and absolutely legal game to play in India.

Is playing cash games legal too?

Definitely, Supreme Court has recognized rummy as a game of skill and not dependent on luck. Hence, playing cash games is legal too as it involves skill and practice to win the games.

Who can play?

Anyone with the skills of keen observation, concentration, calculation and decision making abilities can play online rummy. However, you could develop these skills with regular practice of the game.

Do you always lose money playing?

Rummy is a skill based game. Hence, regular practice will help you develop the right skills and prudent strategies that help you win online games.

Do I always need cash to play?

No, certainly not. Renowned rummy sites offer both free and cash games for players to play. Players can choose either free or cash games to play. Free games can be played for free without any cash deposits. Cash games can be played for real cash by making certain cash deposits.

Who can play cash games?

Cash games are for players who would like to play for real cash. However, since cash is involved, players proficient with their skills play cash games.

How do I get started playing?

All you need to do is get registered by opening an account with any of the genuine rummy sites and start playing with them.

What are the game options available?

Most of the rummy sites offer both 13 card rummy and 21 card rummy. In 13 card rummy, you could play the following 3 variants

  • Pools rummy
  • Points rummy
  • Deals rummy

Is playing rummy online fair and transparent?

With automated card distribution and Random Number Generator Certificate, genuine rummy sites provide a fair and transparent gaming platform to the players to play rummy. Always choose to play with reputed rummy sites.

Is my personal information shared during registration safe?

Registered and licensed rummy sites take utmost care to protect your personal information and have stringent privacy policy in place to safeguard your details. However, players discretion is advised too before they share any sensitive information.

Are online transactions safe when playing online?

Most of the authentic rummy sites offer safe and secure payment gateways for online transactions. Choose genuine rummy sites only before you start playing.

Play online rummy

Online rummy is the most engaging means to play and enjoy. Reputed rummy sites deploy highest degree of safety and security measures and better gaming features to make the platform an enriching experience for the players.

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