You’re Spending Your Cash On Gaming Engines

Posted on Apr 26 2015 - 10:10pm by Editorial Staff

Mobile Gaming

What is a gaming engine? If you play online games on sites like with your smart phone or other mobile device, you already know what a gaming engine is. A gaming engine for those who don’t know is actually the framework of the game software you are using. Did you know that you aredropping your money on gaming engines? Sometimes, it’s hard for players to actually realize it.

Where’s all that money going?

Where is the money that you are spending going? Well, if you are you game creator for mobile gaming sites, you do need to make some kind of revenue. After all, anyone who spends their days putting in hours of hard work deserves to make a fair and decent living. But it can be hard for some online mobile gamers to understand how a free game can actually make any sort of profit. It’s quite easy, though, really.

Those small transactions make a big difference over time

First, think about the last time you played an online game on your mobile device. At any point where you asked if he wanted to purchase an ad free version of the game you were playing? Or was there a pop-up that asked you if you would like to buy more lives or gems or coins? In the online gaming world for those who create game engines for mobile devices and at home computers, these are called micro transactions. For you, you only have to spend a few dollars here and there, and you get what you want in the game, but for game engine designers, this is literally their life blood. This money that you are spending is going right into their pockets. What you get usually isn’t that big but it’s certainly something that makes your playing easier. And that’s how these games make you spend.

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