Yahoo’s Mayer: The Company Will Become A ‘Predominantly Mobile Company’

Posted on Oct 23 2012 - 4:41am by Editorial Staff

With Yahoo hit high with the result announcement last day with reported revenues were $1.2 billion, the company’s recently appointed CEO Marissa Mayer during the third-quarter earnings conference call said that Yahoo can make it big in the mobile space, without needing to develop an operating system. Even, further, she continued on by saying that Yahoo needs more mobile engineers stating that the company will become a “predominantly mobile company.” This all means high that Yahoo’s new CEO eyeing clearly towards mobile industry, what more to bring at the moment is that although the company makes big in the result this quarter (thanks to Alibaba deal), but still the trip to wisdom is far away and the company need to stay focus in order to make it do all that it planned.

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