Yahoo’s Mayer Pledges A Lot, But Not Able To Build-Up Stock Value

Posted on Sep 26 2012 - 8:39am by Editorial Staff

yahoo logo1 300x236 Yahoo Appoints Former Amazon Executive Kathy Savitt As New Marketing Chief

We reported yesterday that Yahoo’s newly appointed CEO Marissa Mayer will be going to revealed her first big list of what to do and don’t for the company and here it is: AllThingsD‘s Kara Swisher and BusinessInsider‘s Nicholas Carlson got their hands off afterward on Mayer’s presentation although what certainly surprise (may be for some), the company stock hardly seen any build-up. Not much being founded out from the presentations but the highlights from her talk include the following pledge to:

  • Grow users and usage.
  • Make Yahoo integral to the average Internet user’s daily routine.
  • Focus on “core competencies.”
  • Do more “acqui-hires,” buying small companies for their engineering talent
  • Nurture inside talent
  • Foster good relations with industry partners (backhanded slap at the previous management’s decision to go nuclear on Facebook over patents.)
  • Focus on getting mobile done — and done right — by 2015.
  • Emphasize thinking big and at scale (Mayer called this the “Rule of 100 Million,” whatever that means.
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