Yahoo Updates Mail App For iPad, Android, Brings Tablet-Optimized, Full Screen ‘Reading Mode’ And More

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 10:30pm by Editorial Staff

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo today has unveiled the new Mail app for iPad and Android, bringing tablet-optimized at par. The company’s current Mail app was made for the smaller-screen for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android smartphone, while with bringing today’s version, the company has taken it to a new level. With the new app, you are now allowed to scroll via email messages, means now there is no need to take a U-turn back to your main inbox.

Here is a changelog for Mail for iPad app:

  • Full screen “Reading mode”: Emails with photos, newsletters and shared articles now appear beautifully in full screen at the tap of a button. Flick through messages like in a magazine.
  • Advanced options for message actions: Upon selection, messages are automatically grouped by sender, so you can keep your Inbox more organised. Delete unnecessary social media notifications, star messages from a friend, move messages from family into folders, all in a few taps.

Here is a changelog for Mail for Android app:

  • created a new layout for tablet users
  • added a starred folder for viewing your important email
  • tablet users can now access an advanced triage feature to manage their inbox quicker
  • tablet users can now access a new ‘reading mode’ which makes reading your emails easier
  • we rethought how you switch accounts based on market feedback. you are now able to switch accounts via the sidebar menu.
  • glorious bug fixes
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